February 10, 2008

the "I couldn't agree more" department says read this book!!

Why Are You Mad?

The First Significant Advance in Our Understanding of Mental Illness Since We Abandoned Demon Possession

Why? is based on thorough scientific research but written for the general reader. It is infused with anger, humor and insight.

Why Are You Mad?
Stand Publishers 270pp July 2007
LCCN: 2007902051
ISBN: 978-0-9794518-1-2 HC
ISBN: 978-0-9794518-0-5 PB
ISBN: 978-0-9794518-2-9 EB

Robert Whitaker, award-winning health writer and author of Mad in America, writes:
"A quick and interesting read . . . Why Are You Mad? gives readers much to think about."

This book will initiate a change in the treatment of mental illness. It also points researchers in a new direction, one that holds much promise.

This book is a must-read for everyone working in the field of mental illness.

World Health Organization studies found that witch doctors had far better results than psychiatrists. This book explains why.

Placebos work better than psychiatric drugs. This book explains how.

Studies dating as far back as 1962 conclusively prove that chemical imbalance has no relationship to mental illness. Why do those with a financial stake in that theory keep telling us otherwise?

This book, based on 14 years of research, presents a new theory. It is a theory that conforms to the facts and provides logical answers that the chemical imbalance theory cannot.

This book arrives as the FDA puts stricter suicide warnings on anti-depressants. It hits after events at Virginia Tech are leading parents across the country to look at their children for some sign of aberrant behavior. They are scared to death that they will find something but have no real idea of exactly what they expect to find.

For those parents, for those wondering about the suicide warnings, for everyone who has, or should have questions, you need to read this book.

It does not provide all of the answers. No one knows all of the questions, much less all of the answers. But it does offer you an understanding

Advance copies were sent to some in the research community and it has begun to create quite a stir. The responses have been uniformly very positive. It presents what can only be called a paradigm shift.

Only comments now: This is right my strasse!! I do wonder if he has any sense at all about ADDICTION and the madness of it. So much of therapy has been about trying to treat chemically caused damage with a chemical approach, it just isn't funny. Placing this here is just a "stub" as obviously I intend to read it and review in my inimitable style. Man, I wish I could get my theories under the cover of just one book!!

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