February 08, 2008

Canadian Coaltion calls for taser moratorium

No essay is required on this. I've already said it ALL. The taser is an instrument of torture. It is banned by international law and the UK, although still buying them, has BANNED them at international armaments shows held there.

The principal financial holder in Taser International appears to be Marc Mukasey, the US Attorney General's son - you know, the guy who makes apologies for America's use of torture.

Simply push on the links at the bottom for a full load of information.

Sigh. Somedays are just too much.


Coalition calls for taser moratorium

Thu, 2008-02-07 13:52.
Shuyee Lee

A renewed call by a growing coalition for a moratorium on the use of Tasers by police.

The coalition includes Amnesty International, the Quebec Black Coalition and politicians of all stripes including Montreal city councillors, the NDP, and the PQ.

They want an independent study and a public Montreal meeting on Taser use, dissatisfied with the recent RCMP review and Quebec public security report on Tasers because they were compiled mostly by police officials.

Councillor for Loyola Warren Allmand.

"There are some worthwhile things that are in the report but it doesn't get to the basic problem which, (is) what is the real danger and impact of these weapons on a wide range of people."

Chantal Registre's brother Quilem was killed after police allegedly tasered him six times last October while trying to arrest him on a drunk driving charge. She says they still have no answers into his death.

"On attend toujours des réponses et on n'a pas de réponses."

The coalition says politicians and police have to take a closer look at the use of Tasers in the wake of almost 20 deaths of people in Canada after being tasered by police in the past five years.

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