February 07, 2008

ACTIVISM: IAVA's new legislative agenda

Anyone - and there surely aren't enough - who reads me regularly knows my PET CAUSE.

Iran Afghanistan Veteran's Association. I actually sit with my heart bleeding openly and BEG the reader to give them MONEY!!

Yes, a dollar spent on them has bring this regime/this bloodless coup/this relentless junta faster to the end.

If there is one single cause that deservers your support right now to end suffering this is it.

That and freedetainee.org - just think of coming home after a tour of duty doing Dirty Dick's dirty work and then becoming homeless, without medical attention, no chance of improving your life .. and the media spinning away that all veteran's beefs with their situation being of a thing of the imagination as Bill O'Reilly has done.


Something we should all feel proud off - send Paul and the guys some bucks. Do it today .. spread around their fantastic legislative proposals and show them to your buinesss friends, your loved ones and learn them til you know the whole agenda by heart!!

Dear Virginia,

Today, IAVA is releasing our 2008 Legislative Agenda, which presents concrete actions Congress can take to support the men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From improved mental health care to the funding of a new GI Bill, IAVA will work with Congress every step of the way to achieve success for veterans and their families. Please take a minute to help by sending our Legislative Agenda to your local representatives.

Since our founding in 2004, IAVA has been at the forefront of the new veterans' movement. We have worked closely with Congressional offices on both sides of the aisle to respond to armor shortages, rising rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the bureaucratic challenges faced by wounded troops. Our work continues in 2008.

Starting on Monday, IAVA Member Veterans will be attending meetings with dozens of Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill. They will be armed with our 2008 Legislative Agenda and valuable first-hand knowledge of the issues veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan deal with every day.

Help us in Washington next week by sending our Legislative Agenda to your local representatives. Tell them to make veterans' priorities their priorities.

Thank you for your continued support.


Paul Rieckhoff
Iraq Veteran
Executive Director
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

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