February 09, 2008

Activism - CANNON BEACH OR takes on Bush and Cheney

Cannon Beach split on whether Bush and Cheney must go
Impeachment resolution passes 3-2 as neighbors work to comply with last wishes of resident Minott

The Daily Astorian

CANNON BEACH - In a split vote on Super Tuesday, during the regular meeting of the Cannon Beach City Council, a resolution was passed to impeach President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The call for impeachment began with the last wishes of Cannon Beach resident Gainor Minott, who asked Rex and Diane Amos to pursue an impeachment of the president and the vice president. The Amoses collected 227 signatures from residents of Cannon Beach to present to the council in support of a call for impeachment. Minott died in September.

The council heard comments from 16 people on the matter: eight people asking for an approval and eight people urging the council to drop the matter.

Rex Amos was one of those who spoke to the council, and during his presentation, he asked members to pass the resolution unanimously in the spirit of Minott and to honor her name. The resolution passed 3-2; council president Jay Raskin, council member Jerome Arnold and council member Sam Steidel voted to pass the resolution while Mayor John Williams and council member Nancy Giasson voted against.

"I really appreciate our council for doing this," said Rex Amos. "It was a real study in democracy. That's the way it should be, done with passion and civility on both sides."

The resolution marks an unusual step by a city council, and it is believed that Cannon Beach is the first city in the state of Oregon to call for the impeachment of the United States government's leader and second in command.

Rex Amos likened the resolution to the trim rudder of a ship and said that in instances like this, the whole population was not needed to effect a change but rather that a few determined voices were enough.

"The arrogance of power here, with Bush and Cheney, it's going to become more like a king than a president," said Rex Amos.

In explaining her choice to vote against the resolution, Giasson said she felt it was not the council's place to negate the voice of opposition, no matter how small.

"I feel the council took that voice away," said Giasson. "The council put those people in a position of having to go to their Congressional representative and say, 'That isn't me.'"

Giasson also said she believed it was not the city council's place to call for an impeachment because the people of Cannon Beach, whether they own property in Cannon Beach, elsewhere or both, were already represented by the Congressional members. Since the residents already had Congressional representation, Giasson said she believed those looking for an impeachment call, should direct their concerns to those representatives rather than the city.

"This is not a city issue," said Giasson. "What I preferred the council do was help take all the view points to Congress."

Giasson said each member of the council had to vote their conscience on the matter and, for her, it was a resolution that negated the voice of those who did not want to see a resolution to impeach the President and Vice President.

"My conscience would not allow me to do that," said Giasson.

Reader Comments

Posted: Thursday, February 07, 2008
Article comment by: Linda Boyd

Thank you Cannon Beach for doing your part to defend the US Constitution and the rights of all Americans. Of course impeachment is a city issue. The people of Cannon Beach are burdened by a lawless administration and no longer enjoy the inalienable rights formerly guaranteed by the constitution. The city of Cannon Beach has paid thousands of dollars for the illegal war and occupation of Iraq instead of using the funds at home. It is time for ALL Americans to speak out against torture and murder in our names.
Every elected official has sworn an oath to defend the constitution. I wonder why Giasson isn't troubled by her failure to honor her oath?

Linda Boyd

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