February 13, 2008

9/11 truthers on the upcoming detainee hearings


The thought police at work in Germany. I believe similar laws exist in Canada. Here the laws will probably prohibit stating in public that 9/11 was an inside job. This will be labeled "terrorist thinking." For this and other important reasons we need to get as many people as possible into the 9/11 Truth tent by continuing in our efforts to shine the light of truth on the official lies concerning the crimes of 9/11.
The American people, as dumbed down and distracted as they are, are still probably the last best hope that humanity has for avoidance of a Third World War and an international totalitarian state. Perhaps the best way for us to help our fellow citizens see the truth about the nature of "our" government and its fascist nature is to emphasize the need to adhere to the constitution and the un-democratic nature of our political system. As people begin to doubt the veracity of our leaders, they begin to be able to see through the veil of the myth that the corporate media has woven. 9/11 Truth acts both as a catalyst for this process or as an initiator of the process or even as the final step in the individual's understanding of the totally corrupt nature of our leaders and our system itself.
We in the 9/11 Truth movement need to understand that if we fail to bring around a significant number of Americans to our view of the world, we are destined to be the first riders on the trains to the Death Camps.
I implore each of you getting this e-mail to continue, or even increase your efforts in revealing 9/11 Truth to those around you. I still feel that DVDs and Cd's are the best tools that we have to make our case; so please continue to distribute these items to anyone that you feel might watch or listen to them.
If any hope remains, it is locked in the hearts and minds of the American people and it is our job to release it.
I know that I sound preachy and am sorry for that. I have written the above plea as much to myself as to any of you.
On a different yet similar note, I wish to emphasize what I believe to be the importance of the announcement of the military that they will be trying several of the Gitmo detainees (prisoners) for capital crimes related to 9/11. This will give their defense attorneys a chance to explore through deposition and subpoena many persons and documents that have here to fore been kept from public scrutiny. I feel that it is imperative that we do our best to assist the defense in exploring all of the avenues available to them to exonerate their clients. Much of the information that has convinced us in the 9/11 Truth movement of the false nature of the "official story" can be introduced as evidence in a court of law. First the government will have to prove that there really were 19 hijackers and that they really did board the flights as stated. The flight manifestos and the autopsy reports from the Pentagon and Shanksville can be subpoenaed. Any living "hijacker" can be brought forward as a witness. The money trail leading back to the ISI an be explored. The methods used to obtain confessions can be disclosed and made part of the public record. The dramatically under-booked nature of the four flights in question can be placed in the record and explored for possible explanation. The various people that seemed to have prior information concerning the fate of the Twin Towers can be deposed under oath and face criminal perjury charges if they lie.
This trial, if it ever really occurs, could be the back door to the Truth about 9/11. It probably won't happen until after the next administration is in office and if Obama wins it may actually be allowed to proceed. (If Cynthia McKinney wins we can have a front door investigation and then a trial.)
Please help me keep an eye on this ball as I am sure that the story from yesterday has already been buried. We should do everything that we can to broadcast the announcement of this trial and demand that it move forward as it can be appealed from a military court to a criminal court and then even appealed to the US Supreme Court. This is big news. Lets not let the story die.
I am sure that the government by now has realized the blunder that they have made in this publicity stunt and are doing everything that they can to kill the story and suppress the trials. We can promote these trials as a way of bringing resolution to the families of the deceased and gain a fuller understanding of the events of that day. The light at the end of the tunnel just might not be a train after all.


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