February 09, 2008

200l post on Depleted uranium and the Gulf war

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In the GW, we certainly learned that the Pentagon lies and lots in the Govt practiced deceit in politics. We know that Schwartzkopf lied about the knock down rates of the Scuds with the Patriot defensive missle systems and this little fabrication was pulled off just to keep Israel out of the war and keep the Arab coalition whole.

We all learned that the CIA knew there was sarin and other specials in the ammo depots that were blown up in the desert. The Pentagon also knows where some more burned sarin is also.

Nearing 10 years later, after much Pentagon denials, we all know that this was one of the most toxic wars in history. There were toxic hyrocarbon oil in the air, fine sand in lungs, DEET soaking into skin, burned sarin, mercury in vaccines, DU, etc. It was one huge toxic version of hell. The troops in the few months they were there sniffed up, ate, soaked thru the skin, and etc. more toxic material than most get in 30 years of US stateside living. And that many of these toxins have long internal retention factors that make them lifetime doses in some cases. Thousands of GW vets each year pay the ultimate price for these toxic health effects and it will continue.

We know things like DU oxides get into the lung and lungs lymph nodes and long term damage the lung's immune protection system, and that sand can do the same thing. And two dozen other poisons enter the person the same way. We also know that the Pentagons urine analysis methods won't detect this type lung damage from long retained metal oxides in lungs. One more little lie to add to the stack, cause they really wanted the DU penetrators to not be banned from use.

Add to the DU issue that DU was not the only thing in the Doha fire and that one should well suspect even more nerve gas stores for the US were involved. This little ditty has not leaked out yet, but it will. When folks force the Pentagons censorship hand into the light of day. Burning sarin leaves fluorides into the air, which also damage human health in the very long term.

In essence, the 600,000 persons in the GW all became the mine canaries for rapid industrial diseases manifestations from huge and multiple toxic insults. This same kind of thing happens around many polluting US chemical industries in the US with the industried pulling the same kind of denial practices as the Pentagon on GWI.

Many political systems are given to lie and misrepresent and US national security is one of the worst in the world to do such things. All US citizens fall victim to these US mindsets at some point.

Most all these toxins damage cell mitochondria, and many of them get pulled into the lymph nodes and damage and shut down things like the macrophage systems that are the pathogen destruction mechanism for the body. Looking at the mitochondria damage to these cells and others will shed much light on where the toxic damage factors have lead to diseases.

Most of us know that cancer is big business in the US and it mainly stems from bad US policies on industrial releases, unclean water, overuse of pesticides and preservative, and poor diets with not enough raw vegetables. The US system prefers to see no problems with the huge rates of illness involving cancers and many other immune linked illnesses. Instread they find the excuse to use invasive medical techniques or pharmacology to counter the death rates from such, while not explaining the full deal to patents clearly. They often tell one big fib that its the fault of the persons DNA or something else, when the real problems are largely environmental driven and food methods. They see it as reason to justify more research and enter into even more promisses of hope for cures. This when they already know the toxics drive the illness and one cure is to limit the toxic insults, but that is not profitable to industry and quickly sets up liability situations.

The whole HIV mess turned into much the same thing, with very similar mechanisms involved with cancers. The Govt saw this a huge excuse to do lots of human genome research and make more promisses of miracle drugs and treatments. Such things protect the industries that pollute and make the medical industry very much richer. It is a very viscious money circle. Many GW folks also found some of the HIV signatures because the very same toxic methods drive factors linked to HIV.

Just wanted to take the time to wish folks happy holidays and recognize some long standing factors from long ago and how these same factors are still around today.

All the Easter problems of long ago were about a Judean Essene man that just did not like animals in the food chain or even cooked foods. Today, cow products are like toxic rivers of the food chain and the cooking process contribute many free radical effects that slowly affect health and longevity. This essene person, after a large commotion over this met death. Interesting sites that speak to this less veiled Easter message are: http://www.jesus-diet.com/essenegospel.htm http://www.healthcreation.net/raw-vs-cooked.html

Some call these techniques those linked to Noah [and all those other very old persons mentioned in Genesis] and that of long life and methods that clean the body of toxic effects and restore health. Indeed, many of these 2,000 plus year old methods are finding use for folks with CFS, cancer, HIV, and GWS. Understanding, some of these subtile methods are ways to recover from GWI, CFS, and even cancer using these AMA counter culture simple techniques. Everyone needs to know these other methods exist and be able to explore these.

As the GW approaches it 10th anniversary and all, it is good to see some of the more veiled messages in Easter. Even reflect on those methods back then, vs some that are very similar today from GWI and industrial diseases mechanisms.

Wishing all success, truth, knowlege,

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