May 22, 2008

Fundraising pitch

I am now back for a long visit to the REAL world !!

Yup, feeling a bit better. I took a psychic slug from a former sponsee !! Hey, that's the way of the world, eh? I'm still sober and I know how to work a program anyway.

So It's back back back to work.

I think what I need (besides fixing up the blog) is a webcam. I can start a youtube channel to have thousands listen to me read these essays rather than wait around for something else to happen.

Tomorrow that is the first thing I am going to do. Trust me.

After I do some catching up, maybe an article about how the internet is being played by the FBI forces and show the EVIDENCE to readers (LOL).

Keep praying for me, gang. There is ALWAYS ROOM FOR MIRACLES (but you know that). I've had a real rough ride but that can end in a FLASH. There are those who still respect real integrity .. (or so I am told !!)


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