May 23, 2008

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Iglesias, Fired U.S. Attorney, Speaks Out on Karl Rove, Others

May 16th, 2008 at 3:19 pm
Posted to: Inside the Queensway

NEW YORK In an interview to be published this Sunday in The New York Times Magazine, David Iglesias, who was fired by the Bush administration in the U.S. Attorney scandal, tackles a wide range of issues. For one thing, he says he never even received "a little note of thanks" for his service from President Bush.

He says he prays for Karl Rove but doubts that Rove returns the favor, explaining "My understanding is that he is agnostic...The irony is you have this agnostic using the religious beliefs of evangelical Christians for political purposes."

Iglesias, who was the independent-minded U.S. Attorney for New Mexico, has a book coming out about his ordeal, titled In Justice. He calls himself a "disillusioned Republican," saying conservatives have "thrown away their moral compass." He says he will not vote for Rep. Heather Wilson, the Republican who is running for the U.S. Senate in New Mexico, declaring flatly that she can't win: "She's damaged goods."

He also rejects Sen. Pete Domenici's claim that he is stepping down for health reasons, asserting that actually it's "because his legacy was tarnished."

Pressed by Deborah Solomon about his vote for president in November, Iglesias declines, explaining, "Any answer is going to be the wrong answer for some people."

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