May 25, 2008

What is the LAST straw? The Pen says HELP SHIRLEY GOLUB

Are you as outraged as we are?

The Senate just waved through another 163 billion dollars in war
profiteering, and they were all crowing about how they snuck in a
couple billion dollars of life and death social funding. The last
time anyone claimed such a victory it was Neville Chamberlain in
Munich. They aren't even bothering to pretend with lame non-binding
benchmarks anymore. It's just full speed ahead surrender to the
lunatic hawks.

What the hell are we going to do about this Congress run amok with
cowardice?? When are we going to stop apologizing for gutless wonders
who think they can just completely ignore their constituents on the
BIG issue that is destroying our country, emergency appropriation by
emergency appropriate. What would you give to stop them in their
tracks RIGHT NOW!??

There is a courageous candidate in the congressional primary in the
8th District of CA named Shirley Golub, who is challenging Nancy
Pelosi for the Democratic party nomination there. If we do EVERYTHING
we could have done to support her she will win, and in doing so
Congress will get the coldest wake up call they ever had. It's the
only message we can send now that matters at all.

If Shirley wins we can stop the occupation before it takes our entire
country into the abyss of endless generational religious war.
Otherwise they attack Iran before the general election and we all
need fallout shelters again. Friends, those are the stakes.

Shirley Golub Contributions:

Shirley Golub is the ONLY other Democrat in the CA 8th Congressional
District primary. Cindy Sheehan is not running until the November
general election, and as an independent. ONLY Shirley Golub can stop
the senseles death and mutilation of thousands more of our brave
service men and woman, the squandering of whatever is left of our
children's future, by defeating Nancy Pelosi on June 3. And she can
only do it with your help.

Primary election day is just 10 days off. In the next 10 days we need
to pull out all the stops. Shirley needs your valiant contribution to
run the biggest display ad she can in the last Sunday San Francisco
chronicle before then, to articulate the real choice we have. Please
read the definitive statement below and consider making a donation to
make this possible.

S.F. Chronicle Ad Contributions:

Text of Proposed S.F. Chronicle Ad:

We Have A Choice

Nearly every day in the Congress of the United States, those we have
designated as our representatives cast votes on the policies that
will control our lives in matters great and small. And it is our
right, indeed it is our duty, that when those representatives
persistently disregard the will of their constituents, that we cast
our votes on election day for someone else who would represent us
more faithfully.

When our founders created this grand experiment in self-government,
enshrined in our Constitution, they did not do so in the name of we
the media barons, or we the campaign consultants, or we the giant
corporations. This nation was founded for the good of "We The
People", and perhaps we should all take pause, to appreciate the
truly awesome responsibility with which that endows each of us.

It is not always the case that those who have failed us will even
have a challenger, who will step forward to present a positive
alternative. Too many times, we people have been beaten into
submission, by those who tell us that our voices don't count and will
not be heard. Too many times we have allowed those who have not acted
in our best interests to escape accountability. But when we do have a
choice, a real choice, there is no more urgent task than to cast our
votes in favor of that choice.

I am Shirley Golub, and I am challenging Nancy Pelosi for the
Democratic party primary nomination on June 3rd. If I receive the
most votes on that day, I will become the congressional nominee
representing the 8th Congressional District for the Democratic party.
If not, Nancy Pelosi will be that nominee. But one way or another,
YOU, the citizens of my district, have the absolute power to
determine the result, by coming out to vote on election day, and by
voting your conscience.

This very week, Nancy Pelosi again defied us as the Speaker of the
House, to push a war occupation funding bill opposed by the majority
of her own party. This bill would never have even come to vote in the
House of Representatives, but for her obstinate determination to
disregard the will of her people. And, in the grandest act of
hypocrisy of all, when put to vote, she herself voted against the
very bill she was trying to force on the rest of us.

But if anyone thought the failure of the House bill was a victory,
the Senate waved through the same thing a couple days later. And if
this bill were to pass back in the House and be signed into law, we
would be surrendering our brave men and women in our armed forces to
yet another year of senseless mortal danger in Iraq, with no
prospects for actual strategic success, with no hope of making
America any safer in the world. This is exactly what we the
constituents of the 8th Congressional district do NOT want.

So what is this charade where Nancy Pelosi votes against her own
bill, as if she had no choice in the matter of bringing it up in the
first place? Well, WE do have a choice. And if we accept our
responsibility of exercising that choice, we can change the dynamic
in the Congress of the United States in a way that will affect every
other district in the country. People all over the country will take
note that the citizens of San Francisco have finally had it.

Great social movements in our country's history have been founded in
the struggle to win the right to vote. The civil rights movement, the
women's suffragette movement, were for the very soul of our nation.
Even today the struggle goes on, with reactionary elements in some
states pushing to curtail the right to vote with various voter ID
schemes, poll restrictions, and other devices, some already rubber
stamped by an undeniably right wing Supreme Court.

But for the moment, we of the 8th Congressional District of CA retain
our unrestricted right to do as we always have, to take a couple of
minutes on election day, to make our voices heard, in the most clear
possible way, to turn thumbs up or thumbs down on the current

And that is why I am asking you, if you are as unhappy about the war
funding put forward by the Speaker that we have endured for going on
the last two years, that you must come out and support me in that
very simple and fundamental way. I would not have entered this race
unless I believed that I would be the faithful representative that
Nancy Pelosi most decidedly is not.

I am asking you to believe that you CAN make a difference, and to
believe that change is possible, long enough for that change to
actually happen.

Thank you for your kind attention, and I will see you at the polls on
election day.

Paid for by Shirley Golub for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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