May 27, 2008

ACTIVISM: No war, No Warming ! Stop the RNC !

No War, No Warming - No Mas, No More - Stop the RNC!

Come to the Twin Cities, Minnesota To Take Action at the Republican National Convention

Sept. 1-4, 2008. Come Early!

With the occupation of and war in Iraq continuing and escalating--with more Iraqis and US soldiers dying--with the suicide rate of vets hitting record numbers--and with the costs of war spiraling out of control with hundreds of millions being spent in Iraq every day that is badly needed here at home for housing, jobs, schools, health care and clean energy--we must resist!

We are also experiencing climate disruption on a major scale as carbon emissions keep going up and up. People all over the world, especially low-income people and people of color, are feeling the global warming impacts in the form of super-destructive tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes and drought. Our climate is spiraling out of control because of the power of the oil, coal and automobile companies who have put their profits before human lives and our threatened ecosystem.

The US drive toward empire and global domination of all people in order to control and exploit the earth's resources is being led by the violent neoconservatives who dominate the Republican Party.

This drive toward death must stop! We must let the country know that large numbers of us reject their plans to keep wrecking our ecosystem, wage wars for oil and make a mockery of democracy. We must rise up and put our bodies in their way.

No War, No Warming is calling for people to join in nonviolent direct action to disrupt the opening proceedings of the RNC.

We will be working in coordination with Twin Cities activists and progressive groups who are organizing RNC actions to successfully implement a diverse action strategy. No War, No Warming's plan is to establish public assembly sites to help facilitate mass participation in marches to the Xcel convention center where the RNC is meeting in order to reclaim strategic areas around it. Our intention is to occupy that space--to swarm, sieze and stay--using creative acts of direct action and nonviolent civil disobedience.

This is an open cluster and we encourage people to start organizing affinity groups now. We will be participating in spokescouncil meetings in the days before the convention and hold cluster meetings and trainings as well!

There are many action camps this summer and NWNW will be hosting one in Washington DC July 20-25. The camp -an Urban Action Training - will focus on mobile tactics including marches, blockades, swarms and more!

We urge support of the actions at the RNC. We must stop the RNC's drive for permanent war and deeper and deeper climate disruption!

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