May 31, 2008

Here we go, another fine George BuZh special: Brianna Waters

It's been mentioned to me, that I sometimes post without giving SOLUTIONS. In this particular case,

I have a SOLUTION: put the FBI on trial instead.

The domestic behavior of the FBI is a serious calamity (ask me, I KNOW).

I am not advocating environmental terrorism; I am for EDUCATION for that is the way we get over ignorance, stoppidity and greed and the apathy that supports it.

Unfortunately, as has been pointed out, the North American universities have been subverted, becoming places of corporate research and not truly dedicated to teaching; something that is now going to take a long time to "cure". And it doesn't suprise me that students get "waylaid" instead of taking a longer term view.

But BuZh's FBI is so wildly out of control, the distrust of American society SO high, nearly anything that happens with the confines of the US shouldn't come a great shock to anyone.

It will be more than "interesting" to see the verdict handed down in the Briana Waters' trial. The entire world that reads is watching !

I spent the afternoon reading the trial testimony; surely surely this is a very bad trial and there are still questions to be answered. (*Also note: it isn't mentioned in the article don't mention that the arson was because there was research being done on GM trees .. but they might lose their Monsanto advertising, eh?)

Meanwhile the real environmental TERRORISTS go free. It was sickening to watch the grilling of the head of the EPA in CONgress this week - and then watch him waltz off and continue to get paid taxpayer dollars! Thanks so much, Henry Waxman !

All this to preserve a corrupt and ridiculous election; predetermined by computer chips.

Of course, we've ALL given up on impeachment by now.

Let the war crimes trials begin - and let it start with the environmental CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY perpetrated and funded by the US CONgress and inflicted on us ALL by the neocons.

Veegermatic (sitting in the courtroom in absentia)

Sentencing postponed in UW arson case

05:39 PM PDT on Friday, May 30, 2008
By Staff


A judge on Friday postponed the sentencing for Briana Waters, pictured here at a previous hearing.

SEATTLE – A judge on Friday postponed indefinitely the sentencing for Briana Waters, who was convicted in March after a jury trial of assisting in the 2001 arson at the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture.

The judge ordered that Waters must remain in custody pending further orders from the court.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's Office expects a new date for the sentencing will be set next week.

Earlier in the day, the defense filed a motion asking for a postponement and asking that Waters be allowed to be free on bail.

The defense said that newly discovered information regarding one of the witnesses at the trial raised questions that required further investigation.

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