May 24, 2008

ACTIVISM: Update on 9/11 general strike !! CHRIS RICE

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May 23, 2008 at 22:47:51

Updates on General Strike USA 9/11/08

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A general strike is going to take place in the United States of America on the 11th of September, 2008, seven years after the 911 attack. While it has still not been reported by the mainstream media, you might have read about it, because a lot has been written and commented in alternative media, as a google search of General Strike 9/11/08 easily shows.

I think the organization of the strike merits some attention. Lacking a central command, this action needs a heavy participation of the people.


Let me point out some items:

* Banners have to be prepared or printed, but before that the people carrying them have to decide about the content of the banners they will be carrying. If you strike, you have a right to decide why.

* Striking is not easy, one has to choose whether to ask for the day off, or contactsome unions asking for support/advice, or meet with fellow co-workers to talk together with the boss.

* What will you do this day? Meet at somebody's home and discuss? Meet outside and talk to fellow citizens? Stop your city or town (by pacifist means such as sitting on the ground or linking arms), as it is supposed to occur during general strikes? Again, either previous discussion with colleagues or previous careful documentation of usual procedures is going to be needed.

* Paperwork: If a lot of people are to gather and disrupt traffic, it's good to inform the authorities beforehand.

A web tool being used for practical organization is You can just type in your ZIP code, join a group with which you share ideas/feelings and which meets near your location, and start organizing. Use these key words to search for meetup groups near you. There's bound to be some! >Updates:
I caught some organizing nuclei, in a Methodist church in Seattle, in Texas, and in New York City.
& Strike to Impeach on
And even on an overpass:

I created a website for you the voters because whichever party you belong to they have failed you. The website has ambitious goals of how to end the two party system & the third party myth. Modeled after the fall of the Berlin wall, the Polish overthrow of the communist government & the Phillipines removal of Marcos. All accomplished without firing a shot. But we do not rely on the failed tactics of the past instead we use the election system & the very votes & voters this system relies upon. And the site also offers campaign funding sources- who's bought off your candidate? As well as your solutions to education, lobbyist, healthcare, illegal immigration, the war on terror, the war in Iraq, crime, drugs, pedophiles, taxes. And a link page with 1000 links to more on these topics. I'm here to ask you to check it out, it's free. And you can submit content. Thanks for your time, my name is chris.

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