May 25, 2008

MSM arsticle on US spies' trial in Italy (NO NYT, of course)

Indictment and Trial of Bush and Cheney
American Chronicle, CA - 24 May 2008
Also last week in Milano, Italy, 25 CIA agents and an Air Force colonel went on trial in absentia for kidnapping a man on an Italian street and renditioning ...
Trial of CIA Kidnappers May Have Italian Star Power
AlterNet, CA - 16 May 2008
MILAN, Italy - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his predecessor Romano Prodi may testify in the Milan trial of 26 CIA agents accused of ...
Berlusconi, Prodi to CIA Trial
Prensa Latina, Cuba - 15 May 2008
Former head of the center in Italy Jeff Castelli and his delegate to Milan Robert Seldom Lady are among the CIA agents. The trial was resumed because the ...
Crisis darkens in Burma
Open Democracy, UK - 15 May 2008
According to Omar's wife, Nabila Ghali, Omar was allegedly taken by CIA agents from Milan five years ago and moved to a prison in Egypt, ...
Top News
National Journal, DC - 15 May 2008
"A long-delayed trial of CIA operatives and former top Italian intelligence officials moved forward" in Milan "on Wednesday, as a judge ruled that Prime ...
Wife testifies CIA tortured cleric in Egypt
TheDay, CT - 15 May 2008
Ghali became the first witness to testify in the trial of 26 Americans, most of them CIA operatives, who are accused of kidnapping Abu Omar and flying him ...
Cleric's wife testifies against 26 Americans
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - 15 May 2008
All but one are believed to be CIA agents. Their Italian lawyers are all court-appointed and have had no direct contact with their clients. ...
Wife of cleric Abu Omar testifies at US spies' trial in Italy
Los Angeles Times, CA - 15 May 2008
She recalls talking to him after he was allegedly abducted by the CIA five years ago in Milan and tortured while detained in Egypt. ...
Italy: Premiers, Berlusconi and Prodi, called at CIA snatch trial
The Muslim News, UK - 15 May 2008
The 26 CIA agents, including ex-Rome chief Robert Seldon Lady and ex-Milan chief Jeff Castelli, were put on trial in absentia. Pollari is on trial along ...

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