May 27, 2008

Chelsea Clinton: President by Inheritance?

Irina Andreychenko


"At the Senate’s pre-election meeting in New York, Hillary appeared wearing a button saying “Chelsea in 2016”

Translated By Elena Aranovych

In the United States a presidential dynasty begins to take shape. "Chelsea for president". The “first daughter” has a political future, ensures the former American president Bill Clinton, who nominates his daughter as a candidate in the next decade’s presidential elections.

The twenty-eight-year old Chelsea didn’t gain the minimum experience required for candidacy yet, but she is working on it by participating in the election campaign of Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady of the state and the wife of Bill Clinton. “The rising star” helps her mother to win the votes of American youth and as it turned out, has absolutely nothing against continuing her political career.

According to Bill Clinton himself, at some point Chelsea realized that the cause for Hillary’s loss in Iowa was the lack of interest of the American youth, which is why Chelsea entered the battle to strengthen her mother’s support on the part of the young voters. According to the Italian “La Stampa”, Clinton admits that his daughter is doing quite well and is capable of following in the footsteps of her parents.

In fact, Hillary’s isn’t the first election campaign that Chelsea has taken part in. The first time was when the 12-year-old Chelsea was telling the Americans in a taped commercial how great her father Bill Clinton was. When Ms. Clinton for the first time ran for the Senate, her 20-year-old daughter was traveling along with her mother in the State of New York holding meetings with voters. It seems, that at about that time Hillary began to think about her daughter’s political future. At any rate, at the Senate’s pre-election meeting in New York, Hillary appeared wearing a button saying “Chelsea in 2016”.

Chelsea Clinton truly enjoys her role as a slightly glamorous political princess. According to “The New-York Times”, Jill Kargman, a friend of Ms Clinton said "This is The Truman Show” referring to the movie about a person whose whole life was a reality show. Chelsea competes for the title of the World's Sexiest Vegetarian; goes to Philadelphian gay bars reminding the guests whom they should vote for; criticizes the current president; gets ready for the upcoming marriage with her boyfriend Mark Mezvinsky and looks forward to having children.

By the way, there were rumors that a member of the municipal corporation of a small Kenyan town, Nakuru Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor, were making a pass at Chelsea Clinton. In 2000 he sent a letter to the Clintons in which he admired the presidential family and vowed to love and cherish their daughter. There was no reply to the letter, but the African man didn’t despair and during Bill Clinton’s visit to Kenya, he gave the president another letter offering a bride price of 40 goats and 20 cows. Needless to say, not having bothered to think about the young girl’s opinion of his proposal, the African gained nothing from this incident; although, considering the current rivalry between Hillary and the black Obama, this kind of a black and white alliance could increase the Clinton’s chances to be elected.

But Chelsea has chosen a banker of Jewish origin whose parents Marjorie Margolis and Edward Mezvinsky, are former sitting members of the United States Congress. It’s unlikely though that there won’t be any surprises in this relationship either. In 2002, Mezvinsky was suspected of swindling millions of dollars and turned into an antihero of a serious scandal.

Anyway, we can talk about the formation of presidential dynasties in the USA, which is of course the Bush family. Moreover, some biographers assert that George Bush Sr. is a descendant or a relative of Franklin Pierce, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Gerald Ford. Other examples: The president James Madison was a close relative of George Washington. Zachary Taylor was Madison’s first cousin. John Quincy Adams was the son of John Adams. Grover Cleveland was a distant relative of Ulysses S. Grant. Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of President William Henry Harrison. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a cousin of Martin Van Buren, the second cousin of Ulysses S. Grant, the third cousin of Zachary Taylor and the fifth cousin of Theodore Roosevelt. Harry S. Truman was a distant relative of John Tyler. Richard Milhouse Nixon was William Taft’s and Herbert Hoover’s distant relative.

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