May 01, 2008

ACTIVISM: No one illegal podcast on Mohawk communities

No One Is Illegal Radio: 2007 Archive

Anónimo, Saturday, December 29, 2007 - 05:18 (Analyses | Audio | Immigration)

No One Is Illegal Radio: 2007 Archive

No One Is Illegal Radio broadcasts live on the first Thursday of every month, from 5-6pm (EST), as part of “Off the Hour", produced in collaboration with the commnunity news collective at CKUT. We're at 90.3 FM in Montreal, and on the web. Our show is also uploaded every month, with bonus audio and extended interviews; updates at

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In 2007, No One Is Illegal Radio heard from indigenous activists and organizers from the Mohawk communities of Akwesasne, Tyendinaga & Kahnawake, from the Grand River Territory of Six Nations, the Ardoch Algonquin nation, the Anishnabe Ojibway nation, the Ts'mkiyen nation, the Kwakwaka'wakw nation, the Tohono O'odham nation, as well as from Aotearoa. We spoke with activists in Oslo, Seoul and Whanganui, as well as from allies in Houston, San Diego, New Bedford, Jersey City, New York, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. We also covered local anti-border, migrant justice organizing in Montreal.

Topics covered on our 2007 shows include:
* the struggle at Six Nations * hunger strike at Guantanamo North * the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility * indigenous resistance at the US-Canadian border * migrant resistance to the "War on Terror" * the People's Commission into Immigration "Security" Measures * the land reclamation at the Culberston Tract * ICE raids of migrant workers in Massachusetts * Justice for Anas Bennis, killed by the Montreal police * Mayday immigrant justice protests in the USA * the San Franciso 8 * the Secret Trial Five * Canada's emerging Prison Industrial Complex * anti-colonial grassroots resistance to the Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler * anti-detention protests at the Houston Detention Center * June 29 Indigenous Day of Action * anti-Canada Day actions on July 1 * Afghan refugees refuse forcible removal from Norway * the Algonquins of Sharbot Lake resist uranium mining * Community Assembly against the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) * Benamar Benatta: Canada’s first 9/11 rendition to torture * Shawn Brant on the struggle at Tyendinaga * a tribute to Patricia Perez of the Migrant Workers Support Center * the legacy of Bhagat Singh * grandmother arrested by the CBSA for accompanying refugees * arrests and raids of indigenous Maori activists and allies in Aotearoa * the Gathering of the Indigenous People of the Americas in Vicam * the No Borders Camp at Calexico/Mexicali * indigenous resistance to the US-Mexico Border Wall * crackdown on migrant workers in South Korea * "Hurray for Herouxville!" *

No One Is Illegal-Montreal is part of a worldwide movement of resistance, fighting for justice and dignity, and the right to self-determination for migrants, refugees and indigenous people. Our campaign is in public confrontation with the Canadian state, denouncing and taking action to combat racial profiling, police brutality, detentions and deportations, exploitation and wage-slave conditions, as well as opposing the displacement and genocide of indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.

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No One Is Illegal-Montreal

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