July 12, 2008

new email from the fantabulous stoopid JamesDD


Way to misrepresent the facts yet again. I speak for myself and do not speak for Dr. Wecht or his attorneys. Your representation to Mr. Rush is an outright lie. I have stated that unlike you and testing, I have had contacts in passing with the Wecht family and feel they are good people. They did not deserve what has happened to them.

I have never wrote a disparaging comment on Dr. Wecht. I have written disparaging comments on people such as yourself that have attempted to utilize the pligth of Wecht to push your war crimes agenda on GW Bush. The simple fact you now send a letter that misrepresents the information as you have shows you to be the shrill human being you are.

Dr. Wecht has suffered enough and does not need to suffer more at the hands of an opportunist such as yourself.

James DD, by tonight - the Wecht Jurors will be passing the hat for ME. My attorney has some idea now what is going on.

CEASE AND DESIST. We KNOW who you are.

Enjoying those creepie crawlies around you? I have them all about me, and I would like to go away tonight and get away from their prying eyes. It has surprised me how little support I got so far, but really this weekend is the living end - and US attorneys are well aware of this case now.

You my fine friend, are FRIED now.

There is absolutely nothing opportunistic about ME. I want to know why you claim that you know Wecht.


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JamesDD said...


On more than one occasion now, you have either misrepresented the facts or reposted know misrepresentations of facts in order to push your personal war crimes agenda. Such actions are unfortunate and disturbing and demonstrate how you are an opportunist.

As for ceasing and desisting, I have already stated I will no longer post on your blog since it is nothing more than a vehicle to attempt to intimidate free speech.

As for your lawyers, exactly what crime am I alleged to have violated? In America, we have something called free speech. The fact that I chose to disagree with you and present the facts that refute your claims is not an unlawful act. Simply put, you can not sue someone that you disagree with.