July 22, 2008

Let's send Rover to the clinker !!

I just signed this petition with the following statement and I even uploaded my photo. Pressuring 40 members of Congress is no easy task...however, they may be feeling powerless considering Karl Rove's refusal to answer their request to come in for the hearing. When "successful" people feel powerless, there is an organic tendency to reach for a better feeling...that would be anger! So, I am giving this a shot. Eileen Dannemann

We call on the the House Judiciary Committee to cite Rove with contempt for failing to comply with a Congressional subpoena. Since Rove regards the law with such contempt, it's high time the law and Congress hold him in contempt as well. We demand the HJC let Rove know he can't decide which subpoenas he obeys and which he ignores.


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