June 04, 2008

The Information Warfare against We the People continues

by Virginia Braddock Simson

Each night at midnight, my computer freezes. The spellchecker goes out; the pics don't upload; and I sit in my apartment and imagine the guy who screens my entries getting paid far more than I do. The information warfare against We the People continues.

I am in SURVIVAL mode, same as everyone else, sitting on the edge of my chair since November.

Will there be a false flag operation, before our We the People campaign succeeds ?

Will the earth changes hit the West Coast of the United States before our We the People campaign suceeds?

What will everyone do if martial law is declared?

As the DoD emails have been released due to the excellent work of the EFF Foundation and Scott McClellan's book has come out (and taking that in after seven long years of fighting against torture is no easy task: he simply puts all the torture references on Abu Ghraib into a single paragraph on p. 217) It's a spiritual deflator despite the fact we know that legal teams are toiling away matching the DoD emails to the content of the book. When I flip the pages, my eyes want to dissociate from the information !

It's a shock knowing that after fifteen years of exile, something is about to snap.

Each day I get up and watch the election news on the internet. (Refusing to watch anything on the infowarfare television screen for a very long time .. ) Now that OBAMA has won the nomination, will people finally wake up and see for themselves it's high time he began to LEAD ?

Let's see this CHANGE we have been promised now. He's the LEADER, right ?? How about suggesting that all election machines are scrapped and we have paper ballots. Let's see him come forward (putting down the corporate-paid Remy Martins), face the television cameras and say: Time for impeachment ! Now THAT would be change. Otherwise, we are likely to see him come to power saying: "Time to heal, folks! Here is the elixir - we'll give pardons to the republicans so that the "peace" can be bought."

But we know that this is not going to happen. We the People are going to stand up and say - ENOUGH.

No more torture, no more killing, no more kangaroo courts, no more detainee facilities .. no more threats to United States soldiers. It's time for We the People to say (and that includes Ron Paul and his followers and the Nadar's Raiders) we support these Nuremberg hearings as we love our children.

I still have agents up in Canada crawling all over my person, calling me psychotic, taking my printers away !! My blog cannot be fixed until I figure out how to BEAT the information warfare! It's our fundamental RIGHT to have our information left alone, despite DoD interference ..


America's best commentator is Jon Stewart. Can we all write him and ask him to ask the hard questions about information warfare? Are you filing your complaints as citizens with the International Criminal Court? Now is the time ..

Come to my blog, leave your comments on internet inference ! Let's make history together by showing we still stand up for our rights ! The US and Canada both need to rally round the detainees; it's become so obvious that we must act now ..

(and I volunteer to make the orange jumpsuit to fit Condi Rice !)

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