June 04, 2008

Update on Peter F. Paul (Scott McClellan book update)

McClellan Gives Up Bush vs. Wolfson Covers For Hillary’s Illegalities

Scott McClellan’s revelations about his experiences as White House Press Secretary with Bush Administration duplicities are in stark contrast with Hillary Clinton’s spokesman, Howard Wolfson’s role (hidden in plain sight on the public record) in aiding and abetting Hillary Clinton in serial campaign and obstruction illegalities.

Hillary has protested her unequal treatment by the media. We agree wholeheartedly that the media should treat her and her relationship with her Press Secretary Howard Wolfson with the same enthusiastic analysis as it is treating George Bush and his press secretary, Scott McClelllan. . This might help….

Yesterday the press began a frenzied dissection of all of the intimate details of Bush Administration officials’ duplicity as exposed by Scott McClellan in his just released book. McClellan’s disingenuousness in aiding Bush propaganda and deception of the public by McClellan and his administration bosses, poses ethical problems for McClellan, but does not appear to rise to the level of a criminal violation of the public trust.

Yet the media has shown no interest whatsoever in exposing the role Hillary’s personal and campaign spokesman, Howard Wolfson, played with Hillary Clinton in illegally soliciting, coordinating and then covering up the $1.2 million plus campaign contributions made by Peter Paul that Justice Department Prosecutors and the FBI have stated in federal court that Paul personally made to Hillary’s campaign in 2000.

The media appears concerned that Mr McClellan is trying to cash in on a very belated sense of ethics and concern for the very public deception he himself facilitated for members of the Bush administration he worked with as their spokesman. His failure to protest in any way what he allegedly witnessed and how he was misled during his ten year tenure with Bush is being used by the media to impugn the truthfulness of his allegations.

In the case of Hillary Clinton’s long term spokesman, Howard Wolfson, who has worked with Hillary since she began her political career with her 2000 Senate race, the media refuses to mention, let alone dissect, the abundant evidence in the public record that Wolfson facilitated felonious illegalities by both Clintons in the course of Hillary winning the 2000 Senate election, and then in obstructing all federal investigations into those illegalities ever since.

The Washington Post articles on August 15 and 17, 2000 contain quotes from Wolfson speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton- in response to direct questions posed to Mrs Clinton by reporter Lloyd Grove-that evidence two crimes committed by Mrs. Clinton.

The quotes in those articles (found here and here) confirm that Hillary Clinton, in cahoots with Howard Wolfson (who was privy to a conference call he participated in with Hillary’s top donor about the $1 million budget for the Gala) intended to deny the public’s right to know that Peter Paul personally gave $1.2 million plus to Hillary’s Senate campaign. Both Hillary and Wolfson knew that the Gala produced by Paul “cost more than $1 million and was an in kind contribution” to Hillary’s campaign after they solicited the money and coordinated its expenditure with him.

The significance of these two statements and omissions by Hillary through Wolfson, unlike McClellan, a supposed dupe of the Bush duplicity, is that the denial of the public’s right to know that Paul made the contribution solicited and coordinated by Hillary and Wolfson was a felony.

The knowledge that the Gala Paul produced cost more than $1 million when the Post article was published in August, 2000 evidences an effort to hide the cost by Hillary and Wolfson in false FEC reports that were made by Hillary’s campaign in October, 2000, January, 2001 and July, 2001 stating the Gala cost $366,000.

Knowing in August, 2000, that the cost of this fundraiser was in excess of $1 million meant that Hillary’s finance director, David Rosen, who was indicted and tried in federal court in 2005 for hiding the true $1 million plus cost of the event from Hillary’s campaign , was wrongly indicted and forced to defend a federal criminal trial!

The prosecution of Rosen for causing false FEC reports understating the cost of the Gala, with knowledge by prosecutors of Wolfson’s quotes on Hillary’s behalf in the Post, was a vast obstruction of justice intended to hide the government’s knowledge of a conference call that Wolfosn participated in with Hillary Clinton White House staffer Kelly Craighead and Peter Paul that detailed the budget for the event- and provided knowledge to Hillary long before the first media and FEC reports were made.

So in an appeal to the media to treat Hillary equally in the press, why not look at the record available on the www.paulvclinton.com web site to view the public record linked there that clearly shows Hillary’s spokesman deceived, on Hillary’s behalf and behest, the voters of New York about Peter Paul’s contributions to Hillary’s Senate campaign, and then hid the knowledge of the cost of the Gala Paul produced from the Department of Justice and FEC so that David Rosen would take the rap for Hillary’s false and illegal FEC reports!

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