June 04, 2008

WAR CRIMES DOSSIER: WorMonsanto update

Congratulations the important Monsanto video on Monsanto patenting Livestock as well as your most important book "Genetic Roulette".

Monsanto and the United States government is completing their GMO conversion plans by genetically manipulating and owning livestock thereby owning the world food supply. FOOD AS A WEAPON.
see: www.ProgressiveConvergence.com CLICK "THE PIG"

Dear Jeffrey: Some important points you missed in your video:

1) The United States government co owns the patent on the Terminator technology with Delta Pine…who was absorbed by Monsanto in the last few years. The US government and Delta Pine developed this Terminator technology in the 1980s. From that time Biotech is on fast track so that the US can own the world food supply.

2) The financiers of the World Seed Bank (Doomsday vault http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7529
in the Arctic are biotech corporations, Rockefeller foundation and Bill Gates, for example. This financing and establishing the world seed bank gives biotech access to all indigenous seed.

3) Smithfield (CAFOS) are opening up CAFOS in Poland and Romania who have resisted GMO technology. WHY? Because Bio tech realized that they need to infiltrate from "within"- out given the problems connected with "imposing" their acreage conversion plan in GMO crops onto the European Union.

4) FDA director Andrew Von Eschenbach is a Biotech Pharma man. Disregarding opposition by large food distributors such as Dean Foods, cloned meat and milk from cloned cows have been approved, unlabeled at the consumer level

5) Cloned livestock is the precursor for GMO. Once cloned meat is in motion,GMO livestock will shift in as soon as Monsanto's Hog international hog patents get approved.

6) CAFOS: There is now a connection to the corn based Ethanol Bio fuel picture and CAFOs. Cows and pigs are being fed the waste product of the Ethanol process…GMO Distillers Grain. Distiller's Grain was banned in New York in the 1850s because it produced swill or slop milk. However, PR spin is calling it a "co-product" and Land Grant Universities are putting out positive reports with a few caveats. For example: Iowa State University's spin on feeding DG to pigs: The found that the pigs belly (where bacon comes from) is "mushy"…when fed DG. However, they note that if the farmer stops feeding DG 3 weeks before slaughter there is an improvement. Otherwise…"the people will get used to it".

7) Monsanto's St. Louis, in house, intellectual properties lawyer, Don Banner, is the son of the Trademark Commissioner who was in office circa the time the GMO patents on crops were first approved.

8) The bees are also dying. Cause: GMO crops and winter feed of GMO corn syrup. Video: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=6349049123736600538

9) US government changed Iraq's trademark laws upon Paul Bremmer's leave. In essence, Iraq must plant GMO seeds.


Eileen Dannemann
former director, National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW)
917 804-0786

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