January 07, 2011

Think about it; Epiphany

Richard's Daily Meditations

Still Waters, Dock Lake, photograph by and © Joelle Chase 


Thursday, January 6, 2010
12th Day of Christmas

Richard Roer

When you can get out of the three C’s (controlling, comparing, competing) of the first half of life, you can live in the “naked now” where everything essential to your joy, even in the midst of difficulty, is already given.  That is second half of life knowledge.
No one can do this homework for you.  My telling you about it can’t get you there.  All I can do is encourage you to stay on your journey and tell you that the journey is real.  This will keep you from losing hope. Then one day you’ll know for yourself, although you won’t exactly know what it is that you know.  You just know it is okay.
Such a person is grounded in God.  Their foundation is outside of themselves.  This is the basis for any true and lasting happiness.  Alcoholics Anonymous speaks of this central process as “turning over our will and our lives to the care of God as we understand him.”  Maybe that is why I meet so many in recovery who appear to be in the second half of life, spiritually speaking.  Yet they still carry their wounds, just as the Risen Jesus carried his. 

  Starter prayer:
You know who I am. 


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