January 09, 2011

Please pray for Amy Joanne Loughner and Randy L. Loughner — parents of mass murderer Jared Lee Loughner « HillBuzz.org

Please find it in your hearts to pray for Amy Joanne Loughner and Randy L. Loughner, the parents of mass murderer Jared Lee Loughner.

These two people raised a troubled, mentally unstable son who committed a horrific act today…but I don’t see any evidence these two are bad people who had any knowledge of what their son was planning. There is no way they could have known what he intended to do and I doubt there is anything they could have done to stop him.

But, think about this: the two of them will live in horror the rest of their natural lives knowing what their child did.

They will be haunted by this. They will become pariahs in their community. They will have to endure the anguish of their son’s multiple murder trials and the agony of watching their son face the death penalty, of which he will surely be convicted. They will have to witness his execution.

Amy Joanne Loughner and Randy L. Loughner are two more of their son’s victims today — and I bet they will not get any sympathy or charity from the world.

Please, include them in your prayers.

They are going to beat themselves up for the rest of their lives for all the pain their son caused. Being unbalance mentally, it’s unclear if Jared Lee Loughner will ever even fully understand all the evil he committed today…but his parents will most likely know exactly how horrible his actions were. The guilt in that must be soul-killing and heart-breaking.

Find the kindness in your heart to be Christian towards these two people, at a time when I doubt hardly anyone in the entire world will be.

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