January 25, 2011

Canadians rank Arctic sovereignty as top foreign-policy priority

The Globe and Fail, as I call it, is not my favorite source of Canadian news (save maybe business stuff) but it's time for an update of this crucial issue here in my blog.  There is much on here on Arctic sovereignty (the Canadians LOSTA; they planted the flag too slow) and on the Law of the Sea as well as about the nuclear ARSENAL they are building up there in the planet's roof.  You may wish to check a few of them out by using that new search box I imposed on the blog (still working to fix up my links cloud down there at the bottom.  But that is time consuming and my brains get fried as I remember how much information I digested since I started.  I don't want you to miss something special I may have put on here, but then again I do want people to get the gist of the whole gestalt I am attempting to create !!)

So here goes with the latest "polls" on the Arctic.  Remember who is in charge up there - Fearless Leader  Harpo.  Nuff said.


Globe and Mail Update

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