January 13, 2011

Re Tyson Theron Slocum/Deepwater report (78)

Tyson Theron Slocum is Director of Public Citizen's Energy Program. Tyson works to highlight the significant financial costs and safety and security risks associated with nuclear power. Tyson covers the regulation of electricity, natural gas and petroleum markets, including commodity futures and FERC-jurisdictional matters to promote stronger transparency measures. Tyson was appointed to serve on the CFTC's newly created Energy & Environmental Markets Advisory Committee. Tyson also covers federal legislative efforts to address climate change, particularly the impact such programs will have on the ability of moderate- and low-income households to afford access to sustainable energy. Tyson is the author of numerous reports on these subjects, presenting his findings in testimony before the U.S. Congress.

His interview with Paul Jay re the recent report on the Gulf "incident" - which I think was purpose-driven and no friggin accident - is a real must watch, as his perspective is as deep and compelling as any you are like to hear or read.

The accent on activism to prevent more of the same is quite, quite brilliant on both Jay's and Slocum's part.

The reason I feel it was purpose-driven is that BP KNEW the limits of its culpability and pushed the envelope on PURPOSE, as citizens would have to pay. They knew that - and drilled into a mud volcano, PURPOSELY.


This 16-minutes of REAL NEWS and you really should watch it.

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