July 07, 2008

the old mds, mds incorporated , foundation for democratic society

had as its purpose

support for the new sds and student activism,

other aspirations wait, about which there has yet to be sufficient consensus actually to do much, beyond a few conversations convergences, and much e-mail exchange. i hope the "at large sds-inclusive" will soon find form. Everyone has been busy, no doubt over busy. I continue to hope we will find effective ways to work together.

Now, however, there is something to do, relating to our original purpose.

sds is having its third national convention, hosted by the University of Maryland, College Park chapter, July 24-28

Write a check to "sds."

Help support travel to the July sds chapter convention, action camps, and actions at the political party conventions.

Gas has gotten so expensive. Everything is expensive. Activists do need help.

Write a check, or Push the "Donation Button" on the sds web site. Help is needed Now. "www.studentsforademocraticsociety.org"

Over time you might want to offer other support
be a speaker or facilitator, or workshop participant on topics of you expertise and experience
offer housing, a place to crash, for traveling sds organizers and activists
be available for consultation/support for local chapter actions where you are,
pledge of monthly, quarterly, annual money support of some amount, or something else.

Intergenerational relations and organization forms are topics of continuing importance. Your opinions are welcome, and about what else we can do together. Whatever the difficulties of the process, internal criticisms and unresolved questions that may continue, the sds convention and organizing process needs encouragement and help in increasing participation.

NOW is the time to send a check, ask some friends also to do the same.

We came together initially in recognition that student activism needs some help,

It would be a sign of good will if we could all, each bestir ourselves for a few dollars or more for those who can.

sds supporters for democratic society, and solidarity for democratic society

alan haber

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