July 09, 2008

Karl, Nancy .. Seigelman (Nancy says give Rove a get out of jail pass)

Much info coming out about the Siegelman case...

As I reported in last month, the Office of Professional Responsibility at the Department of Justice is indeed investigating two US Attorneys - still remarkable allowed near the law - in what has come to be known as the US Attorney Scandal. The two attorneys in question are the US Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, Leura Canary (and her office) and the US Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi, Dunnica Lampton (and his office).

Today we have additional confirmation that Canary (and her office) is in the hot seat, by way of the Tuscaloosa News.

We have also learned today that Karl Rove has himself a remarkable new ally. First, let's recap who Rove is in this saga and why he has been subpeonaed to testify in front of Congress on July 10.

Karl Rove cut his teeth as one of the "rat-fuckers" of the Segretti crew, who ran dirty tricks for Nixon. That should tell you everything you need to know about what kind of sociopath this man is. If you want to really know more about this man, the best source is the book by my friend Jim Moore, called Bush's Brain.

Now let's recap what Rove's alleged (and likely) role is in the Siegelman case as well as other cases:

1. We know from the sworn testimony of Alabama Republican attorney and long-time opposition researcher, that Karl Rove - who was White House Deputy Chief of Staff - was directly involved in the political prosecution of Governor Siegelman. We also know this from other sources (see here and here).

2. We know that Rove was also involved - allbeit, less directly - in the prosecutions of attorney Paul Minor, sitting Mississippi Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Diaz, and judges John Whitfield and Wes Teel (see here, here, and here).

3. There are serious allegations that Rove was directly involved in the firing of 7 US Attorneys who would not "play ball."

4. All of this is going on while Rove has the highest security clearances and running elections from the White House.

5. There is suspicion that Rove is connected to/organized/ordered the Watergate-type break-ins and fires in both Alabama and Mississippi involving Siegelman and others.

6. The House Judiciary Committee has been investigating the US Attorney Scandal and Rove's alleged (and likely) involvement. They have subpeonaed him to testify on July 10.

7. Rove, who has repeatedly denied all of these allegations, attacked everyone who alleges his involvement as liars, and has had his proxies out repeating his propaganda over and over.

8. Rove has said that he will not testify in public, but will do so in private, not under oath, and with no transcript. (clearly a truth-teller)

9. The Chairman of the Judiciary, John Conyers, has threatened to hold Rove in contempt, going as far as suggesting an arrest.

This brings us to the current, and very disturbing news. As I stated earlier, Rove apparently has a new ally in Congress and one that should surprise all of you. From Alabama activist, Pam Miles:

"I have firm confirmation that Nancy Pelosi is urging the Judiciary committee NOT to go forward with contempt against Rove.

Congressman John Conyers and the Judiciary staff are battling for it but this has become an infight among dems."

Yes, the Speaker of the House, the first women Speaker in US history, and a Democrat is basically saying Karl Rove is above the law.

Finally, the last bit of news today is by way of Don Siegelman himself in an interview he gave a few days ago to Velvet Revolution:

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