July 08, 2008

Two held after shooting at Canada, U.S. border

Jul 07, 2008 05:09 PM

DERBY LINE, Vt.– A U.S. Border Patrol agent shot at three suspects early today after being assaulted on a residential street near the U.S.-Canada border.

The agency says an officer on routine patrol spotted the three people — two male and one female — walking in Derby Line, Vt., at about 2:15 a.m.

Border Patrol spokesman Mark Henry says the agent, who was not identified, spoke with the three people briefly before they began assaulting him.

He says they knocked him down, there was a struggle and one person started punching him. Henry says the agent became concerned for his life, pulled his gun and fired two shots.

A male and female suspect were taken into custody. The third person fled into Canada. Neither person in custody was wounded. Agents don’t know if the suspect who fled into Canada was hit.

Henry said he couldn’t release the names of those in custody and didn’t know their nationalities.

In Montreal, RCMP Cpl. Elaine Lavergne said police on the Canadian side of the border were searching for the missing person.

Derby Line is a series of residential streets and buildings that straddle the border.

In October, the RCMP arrested more than 40 people trying to enter Canada illegally through Derby Line.

In August, a Border Patrol agent in Alburgh, Vt., fired his weapon at a car that had illegally entered the United States after the driver tried to run him over. There have been no arrests in that case.

At the time, Border Patrol officials said they believed it was the first time one of their agents had fired a weapon at the border in the northeastern United States.


Is bliss. I am an American and there is SIU in the US. Who the hell do you think invented this? Border patrol agents rarely shot but are full law enforcement officers. This is not the first time and I am sure not the last. The US stop many drugs and other banned items from coming from Canada daily. There are many Cameras nearby and if they say who it is they may not get to arrest the one who fled. Since when do cops need to divulge all details of a crime before the perpatrators are caught? Big arrest are listed on the US customs or Dept of Homeland security website every day. Does the RCMP do that daily. NO!

Posted by SMC at 7:38 PM Monday, July 07 2008

Too many conspiracy theorists..

Hmmmmm...one person started punching him. How big was he/she? What were the other two people doing? How big were they? Were they going for his gun? We don't know. As for the missed two shots, presumably they might have been smart enough to start running when he pulled out his gun. My point is that there isn't enough info to automatically be "suspicious" OR "accepting" of what happened. Let's have some balance, shall we?

Posted by adrian999 at 6:19 PM Monday, July 07 2008

The reality of situations....

Hand guns are not particularly accurate despite what we see on tv so the idea of him shooting twice and not hitting anyone is quite reasonable. At the same time it is simplistic to suggest he should not have feared for his life. After all who goes and tries to fight someone with a gun? Strange indeed.

Posted by Tarkus at 6:16 PM Monday, July 07 2008

do you know??

I live not far from there. This is SMALLtown Quebec. Not suspicious, just not common. No colloboration, no nothing. Just good people being surprized by either bad people or people with their faculties weakened(affaiblies).......

Posted by mcs at 6:10 PM Monday, July 07 2008


Something does not add up?!? How in the world can you NOT hit them with a shot when they are close enough to knock you down and punch you? It seems to me that at point blank range it would be almost impossible to miss...especially with 3 shots. And if the people were running away (as I suspect) there is no need to shoot them. Sounds suspicious to me.

Strange details

The details on this sound extremely strange. One person allegedly started punching the Border Patrol officer and then he feared for his life? They can't release the names of those in custody? Unfortunately there is no equivalent of the SIU to investigate police actions on the U.S side of the border

Posted by MarkGuy at 3:48 PM Monday, July 07 2008

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