July 05, 2008

Here's good thinking on what's coming with the housing crash

Hi Folks,

It just hit me this morning like a ray of sunshine.

About the housing crash...

We will have two phases.

Phase 1 = financial phase. This is when housing crashes in price due to financial reasons. Money owed doesn't justify debts due. People becoming homeless and bankers taking possession. We are here now.

Phase 2 = deficit phase. This is when housing is no longer a viable option to live in, at almost any price. The energy brown outs are longer and soon becoming energy black outs. The food in the grocery store is too expensive to buy if any stock exists. The gas lines are 1 hour long, then 2 hours long, then 1 day long, then non-existent except by ration and privilege.

In phase 1, people are basically trying to believe that the current housing crisis will someday get better... like in a year or two or whatever.

In phase 2, it will be pandemonium - chaos - disruption and desperation time and a scramble to survive at any cost, damn the torpedoes, get me out of here type thinking.


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