July 04, 2008

Here it is! The amazing speech by Noami Klein which was censored.

Posted by the fantabulously ONEderful Stimulator.

This is the RAW BOLD TRUTH as spoken by Naomi.

I've now invited Stim to be part of the WAR CRIMES conference.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Life is looking up for ALL of us!

(and btw, will be funny to meet Naomi Klein.)


Naomi Klein’s controversial speech

Naomi Klein’s speech at the National Conference for Media reform was not included on the conference website. subMedia contacted Free Press, the organizer or the conference, to ask why Klein’s speech could not be found online, and the person explained that Free Press is a non-profit organization and that I should reefer to the disclaimer on their website which reads:

"Despite our best efforts, we feel that some of our speakers encroached on electoral space during their remarks at the National Conference for Media Reform. It is not in our interest to disseminate these recordings. We are reviewing all of our video content and will add that which we determine to be free of electoral statements to this page."

I don’t quite understand how these things work, but whatever. Two sources have told me the reason Free Press did not include the speech was Klein’s criticism of Barack Obama. It would be pretty fuckin lame if it were true.

But fuck it, I got a hold of a copy of the speech and here it is.

Read Klein’s article "Obama’s CHicago Boys" published in "The Nation"

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And hey, fuck, boyz and grrlz, I knew that Conference would be bullshit, so I never posted about it! Imagine! Me who GREW UP there, can't even go there. Ain't that a buncha bs!! )

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