March 15, 2008

Today's belly laugh if it were not so cruelly filled with lies.

Remarks by the President to the Economic Club of New York


New York Hilton

11:20 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Glenn, thanks for the kind introduction. Thanks for giving me a chance to speak to the Economic Club of New York. It seems like I showed up in a interesting moment -- (laughter) -- during an interesting time. I appreciate the fact that you've assembled to give me a chance to share some ideas with you. I also appreciate the fact that as leaders of the business and financial community, you've helped make this city a great place, and you've helped make our country really, in many ways, the economic envy of the world.

First of all, in a free market, there's going to be good times and bad times. That's how markets work. There will be ups and downs. And after 52 consecutive months of job growth, which is a record, our economy obviously is going through a tough time. It's going through a tough time in the housing market, and it's going through a tough time in the financial markets.

And I want to spend a little time talking about that, but I want to remind you, this is not the first time since I've been the President that we have faced economic challenges. We inherited a recession. And then there was the attacks of September the 11th, 2001, which many of you saw firsthand, and you know full well how that affected our economy. And then we had corporate scandals. And I made the difficult decisions to confront the terrorists and extremists in two major fronts, Afghanistan and Iraq. And then we had devastating natural disasters. And the interesting thing, every time, this economy has bounced back better and stronger than before.

So I'm coming to you as an optimistic fellow. I've seen what happens when America deals with difficulty. I believe that we're a resilient economy, and I believe that the ingenuity and resolve of the American people is what helps us deal with these issues. And it's going to happen again.

Keep reading here .. the rest is something ONLY a neocon would appreciate. Certain no educated person would "buy" it ..


Anonymous said...

One word - shrill.

Do you always run around the Internet accusing people of plagiarism without any kind of substance?

Your mini diatribe at is pathetic.

ladybroadoak said...

This is interesting on TWO levels.

One is to use the word "shrill" . score one for sexism.

Two, I didn't use the word "plargarism" on the thread - I said "i know where you got this" and I do know where you got this.

And I think you should still get HONEST about being a BuZh basher rather than helping people find ways to EMPOWER themselves and their fellows.

I can rant at BuZh all I like but that's just PART OF THE PROBLEM if I do that - trying to find ways to SOLVE PROBLEMS is truly revolutionary - something I see precious little of coming from White Guys.

How many real posts from them do YOU see around that propose something to DO about fascism or The Patriarchy?

I read GARBAGE all day long. Stuff written only in rage, or from a feeling of SUPERIORITY .. very little of it humble or with a sense of community in it.

I will SHAME people, but i take them on usually directly and name names and say "you know better than that" .. that is not SHRILL, that is moral outrage in the name of CHANGING things so that things can go back to growing. But that particularly essay was precisely was feeds the sick system.

Love that word pathetic. Such sound moral reasoning.

You never mention that you think "WOW! Good idea, I can get these folks to write the JUDGE and see if we can get some complemancy and health care for this innocent man." Never do I hear you say you would call him your brother.

Want to talk pathetic? - I think hiding behind anonymity and attacking those who go for actively providing assistance to someone else os pretty pathetic.

But you wouldn't understand a THING about decency.

I get ripped of regularly. REGULARLY. I do a hell of a lot of work - and YET no one says thank you or you've helped me see this differently .. just tons of attacks or the big fat AMERICAN YAWN as someone scratches at their monumental AMERICANCENTRO-ISM and sloth. Lots of take, very little GIVING or GRATITUDE.

So call me anything you like - and you will - but I've been at this 40 years, it won't change anytime soon and I am real aware that most people are not going to change = that would take effort.

I can bang off a piece of shit like the one at chris-floyd any day of the week, but that's just alcoholic-type bluster, doesn't take any real experience or effort.

But males still write the rules of "criticism" and women like me will always be GUILTY if we rock the boat, eh??

I am guilty of nothing - I just want to see life get BETTER.

That article did nothing to make ANYONE'S life better, nothing. Didn't give people a clue.

The attorney SPECIFICALLY asked that people write to Guantanamo, specifically. But nothing was said about that, NOT .. ONE ... WORD.


Wanna hear shrill? Listen to your own inner yearnings cuz somewhere, somewhere in there is a person who is dieing to be heard . the one who actually gives a shit about His Fellow Man, not the one who lashes out and thinks "wow! Great way to get readers and vent .."

DId you write the letter to the judge? Did YOU? Did you sign the petition and leave comments? Did you send any money?

Shrill? Give me a break. You are so yesterday. Wake up and smell the roses - you cannot shame these psychopaths into doing something more humane, they don't have that in them. What you can do is work to put a leash on their insanity and try to heal their abuses,

But you are going to do that.

Far better to come over here and give ME a black eye.

I am NOT IMPRESSED, not a whit. I just see a disconnect between the "head" the "Heart" and the "hands" and a very barren landscape of attacking the WRONG PEOPLE.

It's rife on the blogosphere and you are a product of far lower type of appeal to people's more base instincts rather than to their compassion.

You cannot come here and SHAME me and think I'll just roll over and beat up on myself .. I DO THE WORK.

Go give a contribution - do some good with your day.

and now shut the fuck up and quit attacking me.