March 29, 2008

Activism: Reminder to boycott Chapters

Heather Reiman has her fingers in MANY pies.

boycotting Chapters is important for many reasons - Isreali Apartheid being one - her membership on the SPP committe (CCCE membership) being another ..

Support local bookstores!! I do as is possible.

The purposely built Chapter's stories to keep out the disabled.



Report on a Canadian initiated boycott against Chapters and Indigo Bookstores - their President/CEO/Major shareholder is funding the Israeli military.

All the material here has been taken from the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid ( leaflets[1] on the subject - slightly modified to include the launch by "Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign" of a picket outside Chapters Bookstore in Vancouver on 12 May 2007.[2]



Boycott Chapters & Indigo

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
7 February 2007

Picket outside Indigo, Toronto 17 Feb 2007

The majority shareholders of Chapters and Indigo Bookstores, Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz, established a fund called Heseg – Foundation for Lone Soldiers – a program of financial support for former “lone soldiers’ in the Israeli military.
The Israeli military is responsible for war crimes in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Lebanon.

Do not buy any products from Indigo, Chapters, World’s Biggest Bookstore, SmithBooks, Coles, The Book Company or Indigospirit until their controlling owners publicly announce that they will cut all financial ties to Heseg – the Foundation for Lone Soliders.

Cutting the Ties to Israeli Apartheid
Indigo/Chapters Boycott Launch - 23 Dec 2006

Picket outside Indigo, Toronto 17 Feb 2007

This report was conducted and produced by Mostafa Henaway of ckut 903 fm in montreal, and CKLN 881FM in Toronto.

DownloadMP3 (9.5Mb)

Many members of the Heseg Board are high-ranking Israeli military personnel. This includes Doron Almog, who avoided arrest in London last year by refusing to disembark from his plane because of a warrant issued for his arrest on suspicion of war crimes..

Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz own or control over 68 percent of the shares in Indigo Books and Music Inc. which owns and operates bookstores under the names Indigo, Chapters, World’s Biggest Bookstore, SmithBooks, Coles, The Book Company or Indigospirit. Reisman is chair and CEO of Indigo Books and Music Inc.

Picket outside Indigo, Toronto 17 Feb 2007


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for protests against the treatment of women in some Muslim countries (including the Palestinian Authority). Or protests against something other than Israel.

ladybroadoak said...

Until such time as neocolonialISM and its FUDNAMENTALIST religion of FREE TRADE is gone, I don't think there is a snowball's chance in HELL of that happening.

The Patriarchy is alive and florishing EVERYWHERE.

You fond of THEOCRATS or something? They are SO enlightened about women's making there own choices, eh? They would tell me what to do with my body, while going out and exploiting hookers ..

These THEOCRATS - so similar to those who run the Great Social Experiment in CHINA which has served women SO well.

You don't like the PLO?

Got a grudge match going on with THEM?

Hey, turn off your TV set and read.

OR watch intelligent youtube videos about PALESTINE, you know as in SOVEREIGN PALESTINE -not as in occupied territories Palestine.

And the Israeli's treat women SO well, militarizing them all so that the rabbis and right wing government stay in control .. while the US taxcpayer pays for THAT lovely system??


That's not what I read or hear from former Israeli women soldiers!! despite extensive media blackouts on ISRAEL'S part. They are pretty pissed off with being raped and being USED to do dirty work. (not unlike the treatment Blackwater female employees recieve, btw)

The yearning on the part of women everywhere in this planet to be really FREE, is totally subverted just now.


I only know that if I work I still make 67 to the dollar that a guy would make AND the products and services I buy are far more expensive than products for men.

Great little system going.

Good for little girls growing up to be born into right now.

All these politicians/ruling elite members are scared to DEATH of women waking up. The SCAM would be OVER.

Hey, here's nifty idea . why not go over to Palestine and organize those demos YOURSELF!! Hey, I like THAT idea, chickenhawk.