March 29, 2008

Activism Power Hour

Power Hour

Use up as much power as possible, wherever you are in the WORLD!

Event InfoName:
Power Hour

Use up as much power as possible, wherever you are in the WORLD!

Destroy the enviroment! (before it destroys us!)

Time and PlaceDate:
Saturday, April 5, 2008

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Toronto, ON

Contact InfoEmail:

Who: YOU! Everyone around the world

When:April 5, 2008, 8pm your local time

Where: In your own home and/or workplace

Why: To UNDO any progress made by Earth Hour



This happens in your home or your workplace at 8pm (your local time) on April 5th WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD by simply turning on all of your lights, your TV, your dishwasher, your heating or a/c. You don't have to be in Toronto (they won't let me not put something in that spot) or a major city to participate.


On April 5th, 2008 at 8pm local time Power Hour will commence ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced (environmentalists), Power Hour uses the simple action of turning on the lights for one hour to deliver a POWERFUL MESSAGE about the need for action against environmental wackjobs.

Be part of making Power Hour 2008 a huge, global success by telling your friends and family. Remember, every single light makes a statement and makes a difference.

Hopefully, any progreess made by Earth Hour will be crushed by Power Hour! Spread the word, let's show the earth who's boss, and for one hour let's make the planet light up brighter than the sun! During Earth Hour, remember turn on everything, do whatever you can to waste as much power as possible. Then, repeat the process April 5th! Let's teach the world a lesson it will never forget!


Ironhead said...

Yaaah, let's all fiddle as loud as we can while the Earth burns around us.
Ain't that some Visionary Planetary Healing!

Peace to ALL (especially to our Mother (Earth))

ladybroadoak said...

Great! IT takes minutes, not hours for the PLANTS to appear when I NAIL IT.

Yup, planetary healing requires that WE have control of the institutions.

We need to be buidling energy cooperatives, to have project to clean out the FILTHY water that the DoD has polluted.

We need to end the mining of TOXIC uranium.

But instead, we can all sit in darkness for an hour? and then feel all smug and SUPERIOR?

Give me a break!! I am NOT stupid and can see SOFT fascism as it comes in ..

I know JUNQUE science when I see it, and there are posts on here from excellent scientist who know and SPREAD THE TRUTH.

I am not going to let people be horn swoggled by bullshit, as I know the depopulation agenda and the continuing DISEMPOWERMENT Of all exerise.

Love how you hide behind anonymity! Great. Very excellent and convincing as hell.

Mother earth takes care of HERSELF, with you and I or without you and I.

But some do care to save the people who have to live here, or at least we try.

Hope you choke on your paycheck from whatever fed department that is paying you.

I at least go to bed tonight knowing I NEVER sold out to the FASCISTIC ruling class and could see way past their ridiculous attempts to coopt everyone.

I am the Seventh Generation - we were all warned it would be like this ...

Compared to the DEATHS by genocide in Iraq (which this EARTH HOUR exercise is meant to divert ourselves from noticing) - the Earth itself has been the kindest ally around.

Any fool can see THAT.

Peace to ALL, such a joke you are.

HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME. If you spent the same amount of tine doing something truly useful for a CHILD, as you do WASTING TIME posting your attacks on me, then I might be impressed, but you'll NEVER do that.

Mother Earth does not need advocates like you - she speaks for herself. I am but ONE Of her creations, but I try to live in HONOR of her creativity, not take down others.

Many Rivers

Anonymous said...

Let me try it again...

I was appalled by the thought of the unnecessary wasting of energy.

I live off the grid and have for many years. My net income is about 5,000 dollars a year. The money I earn comes from doing ironwork. (Ironhead is slang for Ironworker)

My son has solar and wind power generation and actually sells power back to the utility co.

The thought of wasting energy gags me, hence my response.

I try to have the most minimal footprint on this earth.

I practice what I preach.

I don't feel superior to ANYONE.


I agree that there are many staged events designed to divert our attention from the MANY wars the US et al are involved in. The pollution that is the direct result of war is most detrimental to all of us.

I agree that the Earth will heal itself as it has many times before.

I apologise if I offended you.

The thought of wasting energy offended me.

I am not a plant, I'm a human that would truly like to see Peace to ALL before my time is up.

Peace to ALL (everyone).
Thank you.

Thomas C. Rockriver Chapel Hill, NC

Anonymous said... retrospect, I must admit that I was wrong to include the words "Ain't that some Visionary Planetary Healing" in my comment.
I would like to retract that statement and ask you to accept my deepest apology for being crass. Your blogspot posted the article for my information and I should have kept my comment to the article.
My reaction was in response to the thought of any unnecessary consumption...

Peace to ALL

ladybroadoak said...

This acitivism call was sent to me by a SCIENTIST.

Someone who KNOWS the unfortunate sales job being done around the planet by the JUNQUE scientists and those who would blast their propaganda to all who are determned to find fast and easy answers to ALL that ails people.

EnvironmentalISM produces ideologic toadies -- based on bias and not a real look -- who are going to fall for the new ruling- class funded magic tricks.

People don't take the time to figure out The Players and where The Money goes.

They are also conditioned to take the blame for ANYTHING that happens.

I have said it long, and I have said it often: we are not to blame for the abuses someone else inflicts.

As you are probably aware, the BIGGEST POLLUTION OR ALL is the US/Isreali/Canadian axis of "defense". (Iran no longer supplying the jet fuel.) This privileged group (elected? not always!!) backs up the whole global plutocracy which could not care less if we live or die or have any meaning - it's all done for PROFIT. And I largely suspect EVERYONE KNOWS but are juwt too dumbed down and BUSY to really look at what they already KNOW.

Now, that the ruling class "plan" -- which strategy was cooked up by Richard Cheney -- has proven to be a FAILURE. And the city of Baghdad is about to fall and you see that I've nailed it.

Suddenly we find ourselves with a "do nothing" activity.

There are days I just cannot stand looking at another dead child'rs photo or a picture of a child who is subjected to the military might that US/Isreali/Canada soldier inflicts on them. I cannot bear to read the accounts .. I look to see in the articles HOW MANY ARE GOING TO DIE FROM DU POISONING.

Toxic, totally toxic.

And yet no one turns out the lights for an hour on their behalf. Personally, I have proposed sending letter bombs, huge huge stacks of amil to the WH, do I get ANY support for this idea from the mic hogs antiwar machine activists? NO I DO NOT. I keep on posting about this year after year .. I write a petition for ALL global people to sign against Darth Cheney. Do I see antiwar war people helping me collect signatures? No I do not. do those who read my opinions SIGNING that petition? No I do NOT to a very large extent. But I do read alot of chickenlittle BULLSHIT about "save my own ass - move to the country" crap everywhere I look these days.

I've read recently that the US has fatigue attending candleight vigils for the dead in Iraq. They are so hard done by having to do things to END THE MOST EVIL, SOUL DESTROYING WAR EVER IMPOSED ON THIS PLANET.

They tolerate the DoD dumping. The continue to use plastic bags and support Dow Chemical in the process. Do these "earth lovers" picket Dow Chemical or refuse to purchase their products? No I do not.

Is my brand of healing visionary?

Yes it is.

Is it planetary?

Yes it is.

Is it my way of seeing things meant to be healing?

Yes it is.

To me, being an advocate of planetary healing all starts with ridding one's self of SLOTH and educating yourself and turning on your FEELINGS !! It means stopping yourself from believing in MESSIAHS and believing in governmental "solutions".

I means accepting that you have BOTTOMED OUT amd won't accept any more evil, ignorance, stupidity and no engage in self blame for what is done BY OTHERS in the name of GREED.

Turning on all your lights, such as they are, hurts no one. It is NOT an evil activity therefore.

I stand by the premise of this action. It was "cooked up" by people who want SOVEREIGNTY so that human rights DO NOT VANISH FOREVER.

I have concerns about "global warming" - a naturally ocurring phenonena that is just about ended. but I spend my time worrying about environmental refugees to come who are going to find that they are not allowed anywhere to go! If they have buck$ MAYBE they'll be allowed in somewhere, but the UN doesn't change the guidelines to include them as LEGITIMATE REFUGEES. Why is THAT? I bang a drum about this - does anyone do ANYTHING to get THAT item ON THE TABLE - no they do not.

Do I feel superior?

Yes and No. I seem to have figured out the biggest part of the problems, the REAL PROBLEMS.

Day after day I expose the SECRETS (which always lead to abuse), I show people just how huge the jugsaw puzzle of PROBLEMS actually is and I try to provide SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS.

I cry alot too.
I sing, I dance, I celebrate living as best I can.

That said, I do not have an easy existance. Far far from it. No one really understands where I am coming from and most look away when confronted with my very real pain.

My brain is as sharp as anyone's but my body has given up the ghost. I just got beaten down too many times and I am too tired now. I get NO SUPPORT from my sisters - in the flesh - on this planet save my doctor. The rest are quick to pass judgment on me. I rock the boat; hence I can do nothing right.

All, and I mean all, I can do is keep up this blog - and I do that.

Some day that too will, inevitably, stop.

But until it does, with superiority or without it, I"ll keep up my blasts to those who cause harm to their fellow human beings. I look around me and I REALize that I am an IMPORTANT VOICE FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN everywhere - whether I get recognized for that or NOT.

Mostly I do NOT.

Too bad. I'll continue my song anyway.

I get hit by cointelpro day after day!! One after another after another every time I do my adovcacy work on some website I get "hit" - if the governments would only STOP THAT SHIT and put money into SOLUTIONS, life enhancing solutions. Does ANY internet source pay me for my CONTRIBUTIONS? No they do not.

The ruling class stooges have spent literally MILLIONS fighting me in oourtrooms, me a legitimate refugee. MILLIONS and MILLIONS to surveil me and try to "neutralize" my political positions. Think of it! I think of it and it makes me SICK TO MY STONACHE.

And to really be "nasty" - I am NOT for "peace for ALL". Those who rain havoc and genocide can well feel unpeaceful if I had my way!! They wouldn't be enjoying ANY five-star dinner they care to eat, particularly the ones paid for with Taxpayer dollars. I am not going to go out and demonstrate and face down their hired guns.

But I can EASILY turn on all my electrics for one measly hour to let them KNOW I am hip to the bloody game.

If this is a dialogue - then let me say this to you. Attacking women no matter how carefully crafted it may appear to be, is an assault on ALL WOMEN everywhere. I never take one "sophisticated" remark that smacks of systemic sexism, not ever. My remarks are PUBLIC RECORD often, see how often I point this out - I do not accept any form of systemic racism or sexism, not ever.

I write on controversial topics and write about things most women don't dare touch or even allow themselves to think about. I do what I do to ROLE MODEL to an upcoming generation what is to be taken SERIOUSLY. I don't tell anyone about nail polish, American Idol or tabloid topics (except as propaganda vehicle and so on), nor even whine about how mnay times today my intelligent was insulted.

Do you think I am SUPERIOR?

Your call.

I know what I think and what I believe and I take my responsibility seriously; I also accept the consequences for choices I make and have made even though I can clearly see I did not have much "say" in many matters.

I LIVE by and don't just MOUTH the Four Agreements. I work the STEPS.I harm no one.

Your call.

If you think ONE HOUR of power directed at the nuke energy profiteers is offense, I really do pity your limited perspective.


They even took away my orthopedic shoes one of the last times I went to the ER, the day they beat me and took away my cane. Will justice be done even though I filed a report and KNOW the entire thing was videotaped? You know the answer to that.

Allow me the very small comfort of turning on my lights and appliances for an hour. It may prove to be one of my last acts of LIFE on this planet. You can still USE YOUR ARMS, I can't. I can only type and inform as you suggest.

I just do public service announcements from my remote radio station up here in a country I did not choose to live in - I was FORCED into it, a concenrration camp from which, it appears, I can never escape .,. one of the last polar bears riding it out on an iceberg ... who can still, at least, turn on my electricity for an hour. I see NOTHING wasteful about it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply and your insight. Believe it or not we're on the same side.

Below is an article sent to me re: Monsanto GM seeds. I know this is off topic, but I know of no other way to get tis information to you.

Monsanto was sued and the plaintiff WON, requiring Monsanto to clean up its mess...

Peace to the Peacefull...R;article=1898;show_parent=1