March 29, 2008

How Muslims are treated in the USA: Sabbah's blog

I am not just posting this without comment.

I watched this and I CRIED. I cried in frustration - and I cried as it gave me some joy to see those who do stand up for JUSTICE.

The way they divide and conquer through the LIES on TV, is so sick making.

I cry for today's young people and the mess they are inheriting.


How Muslims Are Treated In USA?

Written by Haitham on 29. March 2008, 1924hrs // Part of Haitham's adventure in Human Rights, Islam, USA, Video // Other posts by Haitham

Listen carefully to the results at the nd f the clip. They are scary!

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2 Responses to “How Muslims Are Treated In USA?”

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    Rebellious Arab Girl Says:

    Watching this video actually made me cry. I am speechless.

  2. 2
    How Muslims are Treated « The Fanonite Says:

    […] to Sabbah’s Blog - “Listen carefully to the results at the end of the clip. They are scary!“ Posted […]

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