March 29, 2008

The RAW BOLD TRUTH from Hypertiger and friends

Should anyone SERIOUSLY read this . and I think people should ..

Then remember this as you read it:

The ruling class has already figured out the NEXT great economy after the BuZh ARMAMENTS / TORTURE agenda (and with the loss of civil rights more advanced than ever) and it is called


The Greening of everyone

only the Ruling Class keep getting the MONEY

You do the work for them

As they eat the five star dinners

and shortchange their servants.

They control the ARMS,

You do NOT.

Rather than have the US Department of Defense clean up its own manmade mess, people will be conned into think that THEY MAKE THE MESS. That is the new propaganda.

Everything is in place already to have the ruling class make HUGE PROFIT$ off the next "economy" and they OWN the means of production and the monopolies on these coming "green" products.

The mouthpieces, such as Thomas Friedman, are already hawking the line.

BuZh and Co MAY go down and have to be "sacrificed on the altar" = but hey! they certainly were excessive in so many ways.

Soft FASCISM is now the order of the day

The thing is - SOCIALISM FOR THE RICH continues on unabated - they share the profit$, we get the lo$$e$ and the bread and circuses of TVWORLD will continue until every last forest is gone, meanwhile Al Gore and Co. collect the money of the enslaved to do carbon credits taxation.

What a beautiful world for children to inherit.

As Baghad burns, the oil wells in Iraq sabotaged and hundreds DIE there and in Gaza TODAY, everyone gets to feel smug and satisfied with turning out their lights for an hour.


The distractions are ENDLESS and everyone awaits the next TV MOMENT.

Meanwhile organizations to take over and build our OWN eletrical generation go by the wayside - the GM foods Big Shots make further plans, the Big Pharma drug companies make ever greater profit$, sovereignty further diminished, laws protecting consumers undone by SCOTUS where the Chamber of Commerce reigns SUPREME and the JUNQUE science proliferates.

I don't see grassrootz people working together, in forty years I rarely have. God may or may not have something to do with that phenomena, but I have read the cries of Charles Dickens, DH Lawrence, George Orwell and many many others in the past 40 years of activism.

How did all IMPLOSION of insanity going on of late happen ... ?

This is near if not totally genius statement of HOW IT ALL HAPPENS ..

Stick this through, see if you can "get it" and warn your children!! I tried to clue mine up, but it was no use.

I am just another victim of the War on Drugs.

Be careful to not become a victim of the War on Polluters which does not include trouble for the REAL toxic dumpers ..

and ps - Peter Barrick is/was a SCIENTOLOGIST. It's on the PUBLIC RECORD.

It's Liquidation Time...

The Government does not run the printing press. Consumer requests do. And when the consumers are full and the buttons on their clothes are popping over...

The compounding interest commercial banking monetary system is 600 years old...There is very little lending...

Money is manufactured.

Stop that and kiss technological civilization good bye.

Rich people take more than they give.

Poor people give more than they take.

Eventually the power supply is sucked dry.

Just like a horse ridden to exhaustion...The rider can dismount and whip it to death...It's not going to budge.

It's inevitable...whether a mob of peasants stops the system from inflating or the system inflates to maximum potential and is stopped by GOD

The implosion is inevitable.

And the postponement of the inevitable has almost reached the end. Just watch the growth of the total money supply. Currently US consumers are requesting commercial banks to manufacture 11 Billion dollars a day or 1 Trillion dollars of new money every 90 days.

To simplify I'm leaving out collateral complications...The home builder has a long standing relationship with the bank and they trust the home builder and that is the collateral and the Home buyer has a good high paying job and that is his collateral.

Lets say a home builder builds a house...They go to a commercial bank and request lets say $100,000 at short term wholesale rates to be manufactured to construct a house then mark it up to $200,000 and put a for sale sign on it.

A home buyer sees it, falls in love and runs to a commercial bank and requests $200,000 to be manufactured at long term retail rates.

And buys it.

Now lets say after the whole operation is balanced...The Home builder comes out with a yield of $30,000 free and clear profit to buy hookers, blow in Las Vagas or donate to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The Bank gets a Mortgage asset worth $200,000 plus $5,000 of interest from the short term money creation requested by the Home builder that the home builder paid off when the Home buyer bought the house.

The home buyer gets a dream home and owes $200,000 that they will spend around 30 years working to pay off.

And the total money supply has now expanded by $200,000

That is the basics.

All the workers that built the house get paid as well...Lawyers, home inspectors...etc...all the people involved.

It's where the paychecks basically come from.

Almost everyone on Earth is a debt slave...There are 6 Billion in the hierarchy.

Top lives off the yield from the bottom...

Zero is nothing....adding more zeroes onto the ends of numbers is adding nothing. Whether a paper clip is 1 cent or 1 Trillion dollars it's still a paper clip.

A well rested horse is not an exhausted horse. And an exhausted horse is zero.

Top lives off the yield from the bottom. When the yield from the bottom to the top becomes zero...The top goes nowhere. The top needs to find a well rested horse to ride...You can add as many exhausted horses to the equation as you want...You are not going anywhere.

The money supply I'm looking at currently has to inflate by 11 Billion dollars a day...1 Trillion dollars every 90 days...

The next acceleration is 5 Trillion in 6 months. Then 3 months then 45 days then 23 days then 12 days then 6 days then 3 days then 36 hours then 18 hours then 9 hours then 4 hours then 2 hours then 1 hour then 30 minutes then 15 minutes then 8 minutes then 4 minutes then 2 minutes then 1 minute then 30 seconds then 15 seconds then 8 seconds then 4 seconds then 2 seconds then 1 infinity and beyond.

How about a Quadrillion dollars (1000 Trillion) in a Nanosecond? (1 Billionth of a second)

I'm sure you can create that amount of money on a whim. And then double that in less than a blink of an eye.

A horse can be ridden to exhaustion...The rider can dismount and whip it to death if they choose...The horse won't budge once it's reached maximum potential...

The only variable you account for is yourself. There is no solution to free will...You choose to be ignorant...And that's it...Nothing can be done about that.

All that the system you are in can do is inflate to maximum potential then implode...poof

That's all it does.

Actually none of you realize what you are in...An absolute capitalist Hierarchial food powered make work enterprise...

GDP break down...

Agriculture: 1% The producers of the power...

The consumers of the power.

Industry: 20.7%
Services: 78.3%

Sorry but none of you eat Gold and Silver or copper or crude oil, etc. to sustain the continued existence of your bodies...

Total labor force out of the population of 300 Million...150 million.

farming/food production 0.5% or 7.5 million people...

The total debt/money supply...What everyone owes right now is about 49 Trillion dollars...

The total Labor force is 150 million...Those not working can not sustain the existence of the USA...That works out to $326,666 a 5% which is basically what the average Yield is...

$2,450,000,000,000 just to sustain the existence of the money supply...To pay the rent on the 49 Trillion money supply you are all renting...And that does not include anything, shelter, clothing...etc.

That is just how much the money supply of $49 Trillion you are renting from the top has to increase by per year, 2.5 Trillion, so that you can continue paying the rent to sustain its existence...

Or $16,300 per worker/year

Currently consumer/worker drones are requesting the commercial banks to manufacture 1 Trillion every 90 days or 11 Billion dollars a day or $4 Trillion a year compounding to...

Sustain the delusion of freedom you all are living in...And have been since you popped into existence within it...Failure to sustain the required inflation will cause the delusion to stop inflating and it will shatter and all the consumer/worker drones are forced to wake up from the daydream into a nightmare beyond your abilities to comprehend...

There are billions of people below you in the global hierarchy holding you up...

A horse can be ridden to exhaustion...The rider can dismount and whip it to death if they choose...The horse won't budge once it's reached maximum potential...

Looks like the USA whipping operation in Iraq still is not working...It appears that the Iraqis have had enough of you and won't budge.

It's all going to come crashing down...poof.

Rich people get all the power they have from the bottom...and when the bottom is exhausted...There is nothing they can do...They have no power other than what you all give them.

And you think when you can no longer pay the top what you owe them that they are going to print up what you owe them...hand it to you and then you hand it back to them to pay them what you owe them...

Sorry...When the bottom is exhausted...It's game over.

No magic printing press or anything else is going to work....The only thing that works is liquidation.

But you all don't like that.

Oh well...The Universe is not interested in what you all like or don't like. The Universe does not care about your opinion.

And don't cry to me...I just popped into existence in the Universe...Nothing I can do about it...

There is no solution to the have your cake and eat it too problem.

If you collectively tighten your belts the system implodes...sorry you blew it...

Debt is money and money is debt in a compounding interest commercial banking monetary system...You all stop requesting the commercial banks to manufacture money and the system implodes...Whether by choice or consumers reach maximum potential and are forced to stop.

And the top knows about the implosion you think is impossible...

Not a mystery at all...

Consumers use their income which is mostly previously manufactured money or an asset/equity that has been inflated in price by previously manufactured money as collateral for their request of a compounding interest commercial bank to manufacture new money.

"The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled."--John Kenneth Galbraith

And when consumers have requested all they can over.

The red line on the below chart is wages and salaries growth it's flat...But the total debt line is shooting up like a rocket to infinity and beyond and the trade deficit is shooting down like a rocket to infinity and beyond...

The below charts...that's what economic doomsday looks like prior to realization...It won't be long now.

The compounding interest commercial banking monetary system is 600 years old...The current global system based in the City of London is 314 years old.

It's almost inflated to maximum potential...and it's about to implode to oblivion.

The USA has been in this system its entire existence. In 1944 Bretton Woods the USA was set up as the demand of the global system...The inflationary engine...

It's GLOBAL - everyone on Earth needs US dollars to buy oil...80 million barrels a day globally...Just the oil requirements cause a 5.6 Billion dollar a day demand for US dollars globally.

All GLOBAL trade is in US dollars.

When the US consumer reaches exhaustion the USA along with the rest of the world will implode since they are dependant upon US consumers...US consumers are the source of US Dollars...China is not selling all that stuff produced with child slave labor to the FED.

You do know there are 100's of 1000's of Children working in Communist controlled factory hives in China 14 hours a day 6 days a week for $200 a month producing happy meal and Christmas toys for western consumers...been going on for years...Decades.

It's a Nightmare...All to support the Delusional lifestyles of the wannabe rich and famous...

To keep the Internet functional so you all can tell me how stupid or wrong I am...

Well good news...It's almost reached game over...

The biggest lie that ever came out of the FED...Don't worry children the deflationary dragon is never going to get you because we have a magic weapon that can slay the dragon forever...It also happens to be the most accepted of all the lies that ever came out of the FED...

And since 2002 when it was told...I have had to put up with zealots...Really it's a religion now...

From the point The Germans were told by the City of London to print money to buy GOLD in 1920 until maximum potential gong show was reached was 4 years...and the actual Hyperinflation lasted 14 months...from early 1923 to late 1924...The whole situation comedy imploded into food riots and the German army was machine gunning people in the streets.

It fueled the roaring 20's in the USA...It took until 1927 for the German implosion to spread out into the system and hit the USA with the climax the 1929-1933 crash followed by the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the now 314 year old global system...The whole global system collapsed...England was dumping grain at sea while the population starved trying to cut supply so that demand could bid up prices and get inflation started again.

And that was minor compared to the insanity we are headed into.

The FED is not going to print anything it does not print money...or electronically inflate...It's consumer requests...and when consumers are maxed out...thats it...The FED is not going to buy all your food to feed you or pay all your bills.

It's liquidation time.

In Germany a different situation played out. Basically the winning powers had Germany on the run retreating back into Germany in 1919...At the start France crossed Germany's border first, were repulsed and then Germany invaded France...That was a big mistake...

"ARTICLE 235 The Versailles Treaty June 28, 1919

In order to enable the Allied and Associated Powers to proceed at once to the restoration of their industrial and economic life, pending the full determination of their claims, Germany shall pay in such installments and in such manner (whether in gold, commodities, ships, securities or otherwise) as the Reparation Commission may fix, during 1919, 1920 and the first four months Of 1921 , the equivalent of 20,000,000,000 gold marks."

2790 Gold marks equalled 2.2 Lb of pure gold.

15,770,609 Lb of Gold or 7885 short tons of gold or 229,935,483 oz of Gold...

Quite a bit of GOLD...Especially when the total above ground stock around that time was 50,000 tons with around 25,000 tons monetary Gold world wide...

And Germany certainly did not have 7885 short tons of gold in 1919 1920 or 1921...

What to do then? The British (Bank of England) basically told Germany to print marks to buy GOLD...From? The winning powers...

The Looting of Germany carry trade...Germany printed marks and then bought Gold then the amount of GOLD they owed dropped and the winning Powers still had GOLD and loads of marks...what to do with all those marks? Send them home to roost buying raw materials and finished goods...

The marks flooded into the German commercial banking system allowing it to inflate the debt supply in Germany...The more GOLD Germany bought the more marks they had to print...Which caused the purchasing power to drop...It was quickly losing its value...

But outside of Germany all the currencies were quickly gaining value...Basically German exports were getting constantly cheaper and cheaper...A free give away of German raw materials and finished products basically...

This fueled the Roaring 20's until the mark was losing value so fast that it basically caused prices inside Germay to hyperinflate until it was impossible to account...The looting of Germany carry trade collpased in 1924 after about 14 months of Hyperinflation of prices or a hyperdeflation of the value of the mark ...

side note...

Winston Churchill was Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasury) of the United Kingdom from November 6, 1924 - June 4, 1929...

The collapse of the carry trade caused a hyperdeflationary implosion of the banking/monetary system in Germany and the shockwave spred out into the Global system and reached the USA by late 1926 and visibly manifested with the market crash October 21 1929...Since real estate began caving in first and the sell off there flowed into the Stockmarkets in search of yield inflating them from 1927 to 1929 in a massve mania...

The Great depression inside of the USA was caused by a collapse in debt inflation in the USA due to the implosion of the roaring 20's post World War 1 looting of Germany bubble..

It bankrupted the crown system which began to rapidly implode...It was stopped in 1933...1933-1945 was the bankruptcy reorganization of the now 314 year old crown system...

The top is not going to avoid the implosion...They have known about it all along...It's the logical conclusion of the taking more power than you give equation...

The top capitalizes on the bottom's ignorance to sustain their position. Really...You all are basically fighting to stay asleep...Because when you wake up you find that you are incompatible with all those around you...You can see all the games that people play, all the lies self destruct and the delusions shatter.

I do realize you are deeply integrated in your surroundings.

The top has engineered the system for decades and if you look at the Global system that is 314 years postpone the inevitable...

The USA is just a component in a global system that began operating before the USA even existed.

Currently the most significant component since 1944...The demand or inflationary engine of the 314 year old global system...and when US consumers reach maximum potential...That's it...there is not going to be a brief flicker of the lights and the back up global system kicks in...

There is no back up system...

Consumers request 1 dollar and the printing press or electronic equivalent spits out a dollar.

Consumers request zero dollar and the printing press or electronic equivalent spits out zero dollar.

You all going to run to work camps to get your hands on any Federal Government created credit like in the 1930's?

To rebuild the US manufacturing sector/economy you would have to cut all trade and start from square one basically. And if you used the same system all it would do is inflate and implode again.

The USA imports 60 billion dollars a month of raw materials and finished goods and now with the Internet many services to sustain itself...

Any silver and gold coins spent into an economy dependant upon imports would circulate out and never come back. The gold in the Treasury has a book value of 11 billion dollars...that would be sucked out in days if used to pay for imports and if sold in the market would be 159 Billion or enough to pay for imports for 3 months tops.

When the horse is ridden to exhaustion...That's the end of the race to the glorious future...sorry. Somehow you seem to think that an exhausted horse can be motivated to gallop at full speed past the point it drops dead.

Hey I know pass a rule making it illegal for exhausted horses to stop galloping at full speed.

That should solve the problem.

The top is not going to let the system implode...They whip you all to gallop at full speed...Until you become exhausted...Then thats it...

All the power that the top has is supplied to them from the bottom.

You are all hired to keep the system going and when you won't or can't...That's it...

Maximum potential power is maximum potential power. Maximum potential is infinite and indestructible.

The total power the Universe has access to is always less than infinite and indestructible.

Or the Universe would have no structure.

Your awarenesses of the Universe are not inside the Universe.

They have no structure...It's why all that you dream up when put into practice within the Universe has consequences you never dreamed of.

Because you did not dream of them.

Peak oil is where you run out or you can not afford to buy it. There have been billions of people that have been at peak oil for decades. For the entire history of the oil industry there have been millions and now billions that can't get their hands on it.

Those who choose to take more power than they give become richer in power or powerful.

Those who choose to give more power than they take become poorer in power or powerless.

There are billions of drones in the global hierarchy supplying power to the bottom of the American sub hierarchy. And within the American sub Hierarchy there are 100's of millions of drones supplying power to the top of the top of it which is ultimately supplied to the top of the top of the Global hierarchy in Europe. The USA is just an asset ultimately.

And the top of the top of the Global hierarchy then takes their cut or Yield of power and distributes what's left back down to reward all the billions of worker drones...

At the bottom of the bottom of the Global hierarchy many drones are sucked dry and drop dead every day.

Ultimately since the Absolute capitalist hierarchy takes more power than it gives...

The dividing line gets sucked up the hierarchy and spreads to all the other sub hierarchies in the Global hierarchy and begins being sucked up the sub hierarchies...and at the maximum potential point the bottom of the structure collapses...and the whole monstrosity implodes...

All the ignorant drones enjoying the delusional lifestyles of the wannabe rich and famous...

HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON...oblivious...Quaking in Terror wondering when their glorious leaders are going to tell them whats going on and what to do next now that all their hopes and dreams for the future have been blown out like candles...

Been like this for 1000's and 1000's and 1000's of years.

But Hyper the Top needs us and has to save us...

Yes the top needs assets and saves assets...But once the bottom is used up...They are not assets anymore...They are liabilities and either self liquidate or are wiped off the face of the ledger...

Can't feed 6 Billion boot lickers anymore...well...liquidate them until you get to the point that you can.

The above is real economics...Not the wishful thinking fantasy economics you all are devoted to and promote.

The Just think positive ignore the negative economic school of thought you all have been floating around in dazed and confused your entire lives.

Just so you can comprehend better

In the below equations you have the terms Initial principle and Future value.

The Future value is the initial principle and the initial principle is the Future value

If you have 1 bottle of wine initial principle and you never drink it and keep it in the wine cellar for 5 Years then the Future value is ultimately 1 bottle of wine.

But if you lend 1 bottle of wine out under the condition that you get 2 back in return in a year or 100% interest...Then many accounting irregularities begin to arise.

If you are not responsible for obtaining the future value then you are irresponsible and someone else is responsible but then what If they choose to refuse or can't no matter what obtain the future value...Then what?

Are they responsible for your irresponsibility?

That is the key accounting irregularity within the compounding interest equation.

It's not really an equation...It's actually a very simple algorithm or program at the core of the power accounting algorithms within the Absolute capitalist hierarchial food powered make work enterprise. The 6000 + years old city state or civilizational system.

And a key fixture of the 600 year old compounding interest commercial banking monetary system operating within the absolute capitalist hierarchial food powered make work enterprise.

There is no flexibility at all...

You either supply the required inputs to the equation or you don't...It can not predict future value by itself. And once you fail to supply the required input...The output or future value changes.

Once the future value begins decreasing it takes more power input to reverse the deflation of future value.

There comes a point where the equation requires infinite power to stop the future value from decreasing.

The logical conclusion of the compounding interest equation is the total annihilation of all opposition to the total annihilation of all oposition to the logical conclusion of the compounding interest equation.

Or implosion.

Because it's not really an equation its an algorithm.

The compounding interest algorithm = EVIL

Unless of course you enjoy inflating to maximum potential and then deflating to maximum potential over and over again forever...Then the compounding interest algorithm = GOOD.

Simplicity adds up to the multiplication of complexity which is then divided unequally to obtain the required yield of power the absolute capitalists want to manipulate the Universe how they desire.

The worshippers of the compounding interest algorithm will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the equation is inimical to their interests while those who follow the worshippers will complain about the effects but will be ignorant of the cause.

The TOP of the TOP of the Hierarchy know that the absolute capitalist system can not be sustained and that the implosion of it is inevitable...

Those below them are the worshippers and below them are the followers.

There is a maximum potential to inflation is my point.

Reguardless of what all you all think, believe, or have faith in to the contrary.

The top or those with the ability to inflate the money supply need a reason to.

Saving your asses or causing the price of Gold or other commodities to inflate to infinity and beyond are not reasons the top will use as excuses to inflate the money supply beyond what the bottom can accomplish.

And ultimately there is no way to smash through maximum potential so it's doomed to implosion reguardless.

Inflation in human affairs can be traced ultimately to reproduction.

You are looking for salvation where there never was any, is not now, and never will be.

Money is debt and debt is money.

Someone owes you or you owe someone in the absolute capitalist hierarchial food powered make work enterprise...

It was designed by the owners of it and ultimately all below owe the top everything and the top owes all below nothing.

The top does not owe you all any money...You owe all the money in existence to the top...You all rent. The top are the LANDLORDS.

And ultimately power is the medium of exchange.

The purpose of the Police and military is to protect the top from the bottom...

To protect cause from consequence...

The easiest prey of the hunter gatherer is the farmer and the simplest operation is the protection scheme...

You are either with them or against them...

All money is decreed

The top says this is money...Or else...period end of story....

You Farmer are on the Land owned by the LORD of the land and will pay tribute to the LORD of 1 Gold coin a year...

Where do I get this GOLD coin?

You can take one short ton of grain to the grainery of the LORD and there you will be given a GOLD coin for it and then you can give the gold coin to the servant of the LORD...

What if I refuse?

Then the LORD will drive you from the Land that the LORD is the LORD of...

There you go an abundant supply of free food to power your wildest hopes and dreams...Lies and delusions...

22 And The LORD said, Behold! The man has become as one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put forth his hand and also take from the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever,
23 The LORD sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground out of which he was taken.
24 And He drove the man out. And He lodged the cherubs at the east of the Garden of Eden, and the flaming sword whirling around to guard the way of the Tree of Life.

Well what is done with all that Food the tillers of the LORD's land give the LORD as Tribute?

It powers the Absolute capitalist Hierarchial food powered make work enterprise...

The city state...Or Civilization...

Those who choose to take more power than they give become richer in power or powerful and those who choose to give more power than they take become poorer in power or powerless.

Allow me to take more power than I give from another and I care not who makes the rules

Since I will eventually suck all the power from the hands of the many into the hands of the few or one...

And then they who have the power will make the rules of the game you are all playing...

Money is a food substitute...Ultimately a tool that allows the exchange of power to be easier to accomplish and account for.

Ultimately the medium of exchange is power.

You need to amass the required amount of power to create money.

Once you have enough power you say this is money...or else.

The FED creates nothing it's just a regulator. A connection between the Federal Government and the rest of the Central banks in the 314 year old Global network based in the City of London. The biggest thing the FED did was introduction of a standard Bank note...prior to the 1900's there were easily a 1000 different banknotes in circulation in the USA

The commercial banks funded the creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE not the other way around....

And consumers funded the creation of the commercial banks.

People fund the creation of rich people and in the process the people funding the creation of rich people become poor people.

Those that choose to take more power than they give become richer in power or powerful.

Those who choose to give more power than they take become poorer in power or powerless.

The Creature from Jeklyll Island is a book directed at a target audience to obtain money...It explains very little. An most of it was ripped off from The first book called Secrets of the FEDERAL RESERVE The London Connection.

The FEDERAL RESERVE is just a branch in the Global central banking network.

G. Edward Griffin takes more power than he gives and becomes richer in power.

If he told truth he would lose power and his Creature from Jeklyll Island cult would implode to oblivion.

And he would have to figure out some other method/scheme to sustain the delusional lifestyle of the wannabe rich and famous he currently enjoys.

I know about the path of least resistance...Animals and lightening bolts follow it to the logical conclusion...Human beings have to choose to follow it...But since it's the path of least resistance it is the easiest choice...

Animals and Lightening bolts are ignorant by default...human beings have to choose to be ignorant...And invest effort into avoidance of effort. As long as you all don't mind inflating to maximum potential and then deflating to maximum potential then there is no problem or debate...

Just march to your doom with glee like bacteria and accept the fate you have all chosen and quit crying to me about it...Or attempting to explain to me what I'm well aware of.

You are the Government of you...if you become a threat to the continued existence of another Government then that Government will attempt to eliminate the threat to its continued existence and of course you desire to exist as long as possible so then you will attempt to eliminate the threat to your continued existence...

The ancient power trade imbalance/Power struggle.

Could just throw chains around all your necks again and start at square one.

You have to choose to be ignorant. Most of you are just emotional animals since your emotions are your masters...The top exploits this weakness to manipulate and ultimately gain control of you...

You can't gain control of yourself until you subdue your emotions and turn them into servants...

They are your emotions.

Just because something feels good does not mean that it is good and just because something feels bad does not mean that it is bad.

Every mistake I have ever made felt good when I choose to make it...

Like connecting to the Internet and posting on message boards.

Most people are just drones hooked up to the feeding tube.

Sure you vastly out number the top but you don't know where your masters are. You don't know how to function any way other than how you currently are which is the way your masters want you to.

The way you have been programmed.

You all are working for your masters right now and doing exactly as they want you to.

The bottom does all the work...The top just lives off the yield.

George Bush? Not the top just a drone like all of you.

The key problem is you all have no clue how to break free and as I pointed out above you don't know when it's time to either.

This is Universal...It's been like this as long as people have existed...

The entire 6000 years of recorded history...This is nothing new and you all have never ever escaped the rich getting richer poor getting poorer cycle.

You all just cry about it, then you die...


Anonymous said...

Its funny how voicing a contrarian opinion instantly makes you a megalomaniac. 'Thou shalt not rock the boat'. You, Hyper, are a boat-rocker, and therefore on the red-list. My hear no-, see no-, speak no evil monkey mind cannot allow you to challenge my world view, therefore I will attack the messenger out of hand, not give thought to the message, and tell Daddy on you. Oh, are you gonna get it when Daddy CorpGov hears about this.

But WHAT IF... you are correct????

Anonymous said...

"The key problem is you all have no clue how to break free and as I pointed out above you don't know when it's time to either."

Care to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

Joe: i have made less each yr for the past three
no cost of living
that's part of why i want to take one of these other jobs
because i know the wage is more than i'm making now
i see some people in other areas making much more $$
but then they have to live in chicago and st. l
i don't want to do that
i just want to make a good & fair wage here

me: i wouldn't worry too much's all going to implode soon anyway

Joe: haha

me: was not a joke

Joe: i was just looking at that the other day

Joe: i guess i'm like the other 90% of the world and think this is like chicken little

me: 99.999%

Joe: it seems so "world's going to end"
and only 00.000001% wants to think that way

me: God must be too...He put more than a little "world's going to end" in the B-i-b-l-e

Joe: yes, of course, and how many christians and christian leaders lead their life that way?

me: proverbs says "A wise man sees trouble from a far off and prepares himself"

Joe: yes, and the bible ansl says to give no thoughts on the things of today, because god will take care of those things

me: All i'm doing is seeing trouble from afar off...which is not as afar off today as it was yesterday. Bear Stearns collapsed in a weekend and many people lost their life savings.
You can put your head in the sand...your choice

Joe: thanks

me: now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Joe: haha

me: so how about those cubbies

Joe: looking good
but i'm sure they'll find some way to screw it up
and bury their head in the sand at the end of the season

me: actually, the rest of that verse says "what you will put on, what you will eat" He was talking about trusting God for your daily needs. He wasn't saying ignore what's going on around you.

me: people will say "why weren't we warned...why didn't someone tell us"....b/c they wanted to cling to their delusional fantasies

Joe: ok, but go back to the blog you sent...
how many people can make sense of what he wants to say?
you can warn someone over and over and over again, but if they don't understand what you're warning them of, or what they can do to change it, then people will do n-o-t-h-i-n-g, and just move on
that blog is more babble thananything, if it doesn't give anyone
practicle things to change

me: people have no trouble learning something if they WANT to learn....people are smarter than's all about CHOICE

Joe: true

me: so you want to be spoon fed all the answers so you can promptly dismiss them and go back to your life

Joe: but people don't know if you can't explain it in layman terms
unfair, Mike

me: that's just what i'm hearing

Joe: that's what you always hear

me: how so

Joe: I have to run to a b-day lunch
we'll talk about this later

me: ok, ttyl

Anonymous said...

You know, if you get rid of all the religious bullshit and unjustified presuppositions from the above post, it can be condensed into a single sentence.

That's a lot of wasted breath...

Anonymous said...

"The money supply I'm looking at currently has to inflate by 11 Billion dollars a day...1 Trillion dollars every 90 days...

The next acceleration is 5 Trillion in 6 months. Then 3 months then 45 days then 23 days then 12 days then 6 days then 3 days then 36 hours then 18 hours then 9 hours then 4 hours then 2 hours then 1 hour then 30 minutes then 15 minutes then 8 minutes then 4 minutes then 2 minutes then 1 minute then 30 seconds then 15 seconds then 8 seconds then 4 seconds then 2 seconds then 1 infinity and beyond."

Hyper T

So when was this statement made? Presumably one could do the math and determine a theoretical time of collapse if known. So what would be the current time frame which we should be looking at?


Isn't there some sort of "kinder and gentler systemic collapse" scenario that might play out?

The picture you paint is a bit grim . Aside from converting cash to silver you offer little if any advice on preparation for such an event.

Perhaps that is not your role to play, however reading your blog often leave me wanting to cry out for my Mommy, and that is just a bit unseemly for a grown man.

So anything you could do to make your message more palatable would be appreciated. For instance, you would warm it (just a bit) on the stove before you put it in the bottle.


messianicdruid said...

In our Babylonian captivity, God was merciful enough to blind us so that we would not realize that we were even in a captivity. No uniformed troops were needed. And, of course, the prosperity of Babylon itself helped to hide the fact that our nation had been conquered.

The prosperity was brought about by the creation of money that was loaned into circulation at interest. This meant that a greater amount of money than was created would have to be returned to the money-creators of the Fed at some point. If the government borrowed a billion dollars from the Fed, it would have to return more than that eventually. An ever-increasing amount of money would have to be borrowed to cover the interest payments until finally it would implode.

I believe that is what we are seeing today. After 70 years, Babylon's debt-usury money system has become unsustainable and is collapsing under its own weight of debt. In a global economy, Americans are no longer able to generate enough income to keep funding the debt load, because we are sending so many jobs to other countries who have people willing to work hard for a much lower wage.

The fall of Babylon is only half of the story, however. Not only is God pulling down the world-city of Mystery Babylon, but He is also planting and building the New Jerusalem, which is His Kingdom. It is being built upon the foundation of the feast of Tabernacles and the love of God. It is being built in a post-Pentecostal Age upon the foundations of the feast of Tabernacles.

Cheryl-Lynné Rose Henderson said...

"Step one Get over the shock...

Step two Reduce the cost of existence to as low as you can

Step three Get out of and avoid long term debt...If you have alot of equity in Real estate then it is up to you if you want to sell...A motorhome might come in handy...

The key is time...Now you have it, the above is not radical...When the main event takes place...There will only be enough time to panic...for 100's of Millions of people...They will not have time to get over the shock...reduce their cost of existence or get out of long term debt...

Silver and Gold coins will be money...Even cash will be if it exists in people's minds as money..."

Anton said...

Gold was confiscated many times before, what makes you think it won't be again? Also, a motorhome? Without gas, what would you possibly do with it? A 40 foot cruise sailboat can store enough food and water to take you and your family to a different country or to international waters, and keep you autonomous for several months, if not longer. And all it needs is wind.

Josh said...

Once the fractional reserve banking system collapses, what will be the new "solution"?
You say people have been duped for 1000s of years and I do not argue the point - but more people today are aware of the fallacies of paper money.
The top will need to be more clever and evil than ever to try and push another fallacious economy past us. We aren't the ignorant superstitious serfs of 1650 anymore who believed diseases were demons.
People aren't nearly as easily controlled as that anymore.
How will the top get us to WANT to be slaves?

Cheryl-Lynné Rose Henderson said...

"People aren't nearly as easily controlled as that anymore.
How will the top get us to WANT to be slaves?"

Taken a good look at American wimps lately?


Security Tightened at U.S. Airports Following Discovery of Terror Plot
Thursday, August 10, 2006

CHICAGO — Long lines of irritated travelers snaked through U.S. airports Thursday as people waited hours to reach security checkpoints, then had to dump their water bottles, suntan lotion and even toothpaste following the discovery of a terror plot in Britain.

Guards with rifles stood watch in several U.S. airports, and the governors of California, New York and Massachusetts sent National Guard troops to bolster security.

The hours-old ban on all liquids and gels from carry-on luggage left travelers Thursday with little option but to throw away bags of makeup, perfume and bottles of liquor and wine. Baby formula and medicines were exempt but had to be inspected.

"They're ridiculous, but that's part of the price you pay for traveling during a time like this," Julius Ibraheem, 26, a college counselor from Chicago, said as he stared at the long lines leading toward the checkpoints at O'Hare Airport.

At Baltimore/Washington Airport, security workers opened every carry-on bag that passed through one terminal, and all the morning flights there were delayed.

"It's better alive than dead," said Bob Chambers, whose flight from Baltimore to Detroit for business meeting was delayed more than an hour. "It's inconvenient, but we'll make it."

Laura Yeager left four bottles of Gucci and Cartier perfume for the hotel maid before heading to the Atlanta airport for her flight back to Philadelphia. She still had to give up her lip gloss at the security checkpoint.

She just shrugged and tossed it. "It's better to feel safe.",2933,207709,00.html

Cheryl-Lynné Rose Henderson said...

"Gold was confiscated many times before, what makes you think it won't be again?"

If 'they' don't know you have it, how can it be confiscated?

"Also, a motorhome? Without gas, what would you possibly do with it?"

Keep the tank full, leave when you need to, find a safe area to park it and live.

Anton said...

"They" may not know you have a kilo of heroin at your house, but I doubt this will do much to alleviate your fears.
You have to spend gold, i.e. give it to others. (Otherwise, why have it?) And if you give it to others, they will know you have gold and the word will spread.
"They" can make benefits of reporting your ass to them irresistible, and/or punishment for not reporting (or for not turning in gold) unacceptable. Which is really what happened before. It's not like they tried to take the gold away, they pretty much did. And that was before computers, spy drones, through-wall radar and all the other crap.
Oh, and motorhome escape plan. Great idea! You know of any areas within ~300mi of your city, served by high quality roads such vehicles require, with access to food and water? Places you won't get kicked out of after a few days? I haven't seen any around where I'm from..

Cheryl-Lynné Rose Henderson said...

"You have to spend gold, i.e. give it to others. (Otherwise, why have it?) And if you give it to others, they will know you have gold and the word will spread."

If you choose to flee the country, you will have better luck with gold coins than FRN's. If it is in your hands, it is doubtful it will be seized. If you deal with others, take care who you deal with.

And remember, gold is only money because those in charge say it is.

My grandfather (who was a banker!) didn't turn his gold in and eventually discretely sold it in the 60's.


"We should clarify the terms of "confiscation". The US Government did not send armed soldiers house to house to search for and seize gold without compensation. Gold coins that were turned in were exchanged for legal tender Federal Reserve notes (paper money) on a dollar for dollar basis. A $10 gold coin was taken and the presenter given a $10 bill. Gold bullion was evaluated for its purity or fineness and compensated at a rate of $20.67 per ounce of fine gold. This was the official US government figure for what one ounce of gold was "worth" or "priced at" in dollars.

There were some exceptions to the rules. Special licenses were available from The Secretary of the Treasury via the Federal Reserve banks for certain professionals who used gold in the normal course of their business such as artisans, jewelers, dentists, etc. They were allowed to have only "reasonable" quantities on hand, i.e. they couldn't hoard large quantities of it either. Each US citizen could legally keep a total of $100.00 face value of US gold coins or US Gold Certificates. A family of four could have kept $400.00 face value of coins and so on. Banks could continue to deal in it with other banks for international settlement with additional controls and regulation, and store it for others. The wealthy financiers could still play with it in most every manner. Gold mining, refining and exporting companies could of course still deal with it. Just plain folk like you and me couldn't, at least not "legally"."

Under various Executive Orders that already exist, once a national emergency is declared EVERYTHING YOU OWN CAN BE CONFISCATED!

But you want to have options. A motorhome is an option. There are plenty of areas within a tank of gas from my house that are safer, they are options. My brother has land (with well water) - that is an option for me.

Gold, silver, cash on hand are options. Cash is worthless? Use gold and silver. Don't trust anyone to trade your gold/silver? Eat your storage food.

If I wanted to be prepared, I would have cash, gold, silver, food (and anything else I think I might need - seeds, gardening tools, clothing, cosmetics!) stored.

Now is the time to look and make the best - for you - arrangements for 'what if's.' Unless your plan is to give up, lie down and die...

You all have brains - use them!

ArkBuilder said...

This is one of my favorite articles of the year. Very condensed set of views that seem to make a lot of sense. No doubt thousands of hours of open questioning processes went into this type of study.

OK, now moving beyond the sincere compliments and into the sincere solutions area.

Problem is defined - big crash coming and most are totally unprepared.

Solution is not simple, but some simple truths can be applied to our unique personal solutions.

Silver and gold are a solution that we can use. Come on Hyper, let's just admit it. For 5 or 6 thousand years these compact pieces of metal have held value and never have they lost value. Yes, they can be confiscated. So why don't you come over and find them? No tracking chips in them.

It is a partial solution.

Also partial solutions include getting self-sufficient in food. Moving to a place where arable land is relatively plentiful and the distance from a mega-city or densely packed suburban sprawl is quite far. Get networked in with like minded producers on a mutually beneficial barter system where friendships matter as much or more than the trades themselves.

Lots of pieces of soul-ution here if we just look.

Nice work!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HT has got it right as long as you accept his definitions. Get away from that and it all turns to gibberish, just like any other human being.

The effects will be the same only because the Laws themselves are not God, they are God's message. If you hear the message, as opposed to just listening, you will have more pleasant effects when you understand and begin to control the causes.

God has made us accountable according to our authority. Life is patience, stamina and mental clarity. We are responsible to teach our children the Laws of the Kingdom of God.

Every citizen living under the Laws of the Kingdom {a form of government} should have a piece of land, which will enable him and his family to support themselves.

The "increase" of this land belongs to God, as a senior business partner. He gets ten per cent you get ninety. Make it work. Everything else you need is right there by you.