March 16, 2008

THE BIG SCARE - I've been terrified of this since July

Well, this made me SO sick I did not post it here on publication.

I've dreaded this article appearing since July when I brought up the issue of PROTECTING those living here who have LEGALLY and OTHERWISE and have sought Canadian asylum - and asked people to consider what the blow back towards us is going to be.

I am already a persona no grata from the United States and I will be one of the very first hauled off to a camp, if I live that long.

I've put up with animosity here in Canada since I first came, although these lands belong to First Nations peoples who WELCOMED ME IN - yes, personally. They gave me money to start me off, NOT the Canadian government. It's "politically" correct to care about the Mexican rebels who are here and perhaps they will be provided some "cover" - but I doubt that, too. Everyone will get SO strident about THEIR rights being stripped. The US is ever so good at being devisive among dissenters and now their entire crew will be (and already is) up here creating HAVOC to get CONTROL.

The posters to militarize Canada's youth are already huge at the bus stop corners ..

It is not mentioned below, but this is just another stage in the usurption of sovereign native lands in Canada, for the benefit of WARMONGERS and those who would strip life from its REAL PEOPLE's .. its here in Canada and Mexico that the damage will be done.

The United States believes it owns the world .. and now the Canadian think they will pitch tents with them and help the United States and the Israeli's wipe out ALL indigenous peoples everywhere.

The last Ultimate Grab in Turtle Island - but hey! The US and Israeli jets will continue to fly.

They will be selling the water and owning the sky. The complete wreckage will be complete. A few power point slides sold this outrage at a few very sick meetings with White Guys.

The professors attack on the underlying racism doesn't even begin to cover the EVIL that lurks in this "plan" - this new signed agreement.

As for the Canadian Parliament, for shame!

Paul Martin was a TRAITOR and is guilty of TREASON, but will he ever see a court? Most doubtful unless we FIGHT BACK.

Everyone is waiting for some Mythic Synthetic Terror event - me, I am just waiting for the pandemic .. which is eminent. That Ultimate Terror event (they created it! No teaching people how to build their immune systems or how to avoid aspirin and deal with viruses) rather a steady build up of FEAR and counting on the fact that they will run to The State to 'save' them.

"Take the chip and we'll give you medicine!"

.. and the BuZh bloodless coup continues.

Past Florida 2000, past Ohio 2004, right here right now, right in CANADA.

And don't anyone say I didn't warn them.

I most certainly did.

Canada is the new Puerto Rico, the new Washington DC. No votes, pay your taxes, fight in the elitist wars for dominance and their brand of globalisation.

The frog is finally dieing from the increased heat of the water.

Hit my links - see for yourself. I've been saying this would happen since I came here to Canada.

REALIZE yourself what Executive 13303 actually meant - this is not a BuZh junior thing - this is George HW BuZh at work to strip Canada and create his New World Order and he RELIED on William Clinton to help him accomplish this. All it took was WILL, some bits of paper and ink, a few computers, a bit of a coverup and some EVIL intent to keep the vision of full spectrum dominance alive.

Welcome to the Brave New World and don't expect Big Brother to explain it to you all. He has other "fish to fry" now. Fearless Leader wants his hundred year war and he feeds now upon the sovereign Canadian indigenous nations to give him food, shelter, supplies to continue his attacks on the Entire World.


The Deployment of US Troops inside Canada

Global Research, March 13, 2008


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Matt Janovic said...

I could see a surge of Canadian nationalism making this difficult! And imagine Canadian troops in the USA! It would be bedlam if they did for any other reason than a real emergency, like something of a major natural disaster. But hey, we're not talking about rocket scientists here, are we? ;0) Honestly, I can see images of RCMP and Canadian troops being picked-off, especially in places like Washington, Montana, Oklahoma, etc. They must be really fearful of some kind of groundswell, that's always a possibility.