March 24, 2008

Stockwell Day admits the deal he made for Canada

I posted about the following back in DECEMBER, when I saw it get inked, in an item in the Jerusalem Post.

Since when can a Canadian official ink a deal like this without it going to Parliament and will Parliament at long last finally SPEAK up about the neocon agenda for Canada?


Security and Prosperity for WHOM??

Canada and Israel Sign Declaration to Cooperate

on Public Safety

Global Research, March 23, 2008

ISRAEL, March 23, 2008 – Today, the Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety Canada and Avi Dicter, Minister of Public Security of the Government of the State of Israel, signed a Declaration of Intent to enhance cooperation in the area of public safety.

“The Government of Canada is committed to enhancing the security of Canadians – both through our actions at home and with our international partners.” said Minister Day. “Today’s declaration demonstrates the longstanding cooperation between Canada and Israel on public safety issues, and we welcome this increased cooperation in order to improve our countries’ capacity to protect our citizens.”

This declaration will allow Canada and Israel to better enhance cooperation in the areas of organized crime, emergency management, crime prevention, and other related public safety concerns. The declaration seeks to establish a more structured framework for the continued cooperation on public safety issues between Canada and Israel.

“The Declaration of Intent is an opportunity for Canada and Israel to strengthen their commitment to safeguarding their citizens and respective national interests from common threats,” said Minister Dicter.

agreement here:

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