March 24, 2008


The similarities in Western Medicine and the Financial Markets.

By Marcus Salek, Prague

Western Medicine creates blood tests and identifies what are normal
healthy values. Then Western Medicine creates drugs to alter our blood
test readings to make us think that we are healthy again without
actually identifying what is causing the problem. The end result is the
consumer must pour more money into maintaining the illusion of health by
taking drugs which results in big profits for the drug companies and less
health for the consumer which is called sickness.

Western Financial Markets create a list of economic indicators which
tell us how well our economy is doing. If the numbers change to levels
the markets declare are unacceptable, the government manipulates the
market to get the readings it desires without actually solving the
problem. The end result is the investor pours more money into the market
thinking he will make more money which results in more profits for the
investment banks and brokers and less value for the consumers money which
is called inflation.

This is called the illusion of well being or as P.T. Barnum (1810 รข€“
1891)" once said, "There's a sucker born every minute"
> Posted by Freedom Warrior at 3/23/2008 09:00:00 AM
> Anonymous said...
> PT Barnum never said that. David Hannum did, while talking about
a hoax PT Barnum pulled.

> Anonymous said...
> The rise in autism is not a mystery, but keeping this below the
radar is lucrative: Psychology Today

My comment:

This is so sane, youdda thunk a woman wrote it!!

reply I got: Yep, or a man not from here.

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