March 25, 2008

Patraeus Blames Iran for Green Zone Attack!!

Still Not Worried?

Petraeus Blames Iran for Green Zone Attack

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corporal waldo

I still think it's just more 'chaos noise' being raised to confuse the issue.
They're just stealing the oil. All the rest is smokescreen.

Grandma Jefferson

They're going to do it. They're really going to do it.

Will be here for as long as the grid stays up....



It certainly is convenient that the other Republican Party (the Democrats) have their constituency divided along both racial and gender lines: it helps diffuse opposition to BushCo.'s moves for war on Iran.


Just a little curious about the oil. If you nuke Iran how do you get it? Is that the purpose, to reduce the amount of available oil. How badly affected are the troops in Iraq likely to be? That is of course if any of them survive the onslaught after the Iraqi's attack them.
Please don't think I am ignoring the suffering of the locals, just curious about how US brass other that Bush/Cheney think.

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