November 22, 2010

The Two Most Essential, Abhorrent, Intolerable Lies Of George W. Bush's Memoir

"That disinformation campaign continues today, in "Decision Points." If we forget what really happened, it just might succeed."  ~ Dan Froomkin's review of Decision Points by Bushwacker.
The New York Times' review of the book is so lacking in authority I didn't even publish a link to it.  A very sorry excuse for someone who just read pages and pages of lies and distortions, I thought.

So here is THE review I have been waiting for and it's from Dan Froomkin, of the Washington Post (a literary heart throb for me) - who takes to tasks as many of the cheap tawdry assertions of GWB as is practible.  Obviously the statement aboves explains WHY he does this.  The US press is as guilty of lies and distortions as the former (p)Resident and must be taken to task for their COLLABORATION.  So Froomkin shows us what is involved in the two (biggest) lies, furnishing the time line, the rationalizations, the proof of the written and videotaped) record.

Sometimes, Froomkin just posts a BushISM and then makes appropriate marks - example below as when Chimpie responds to Lauer's questions about dissenters to going to war versus Iraq/Saddam . . .

BUSH: I was -- I was a dissenting voice. I didn't wanna use force.
For the nation's journalists to allow this outrageous lie to go uncontested is particularly galling. 

After a thorough discussion of the whole debacle, Froomkin then attacks all the lies about torture AND the use of cruelty -and he does a pretty thorough job of making Bu$h look sociopathic into the bargain.  There are multiple experts trotted out to bolster OUR view that this was so outside the limits of legality as to be astonished forever, but here is just one that resonates six years into the crushing of American morality to consider:

 Senator Rockefeller concluded in March 2008:
As Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I have heard nothing to suggest that information obtained from enhanced interrogation techniques has prevented an imminent terrorist attack. And I have heard nothing that makes me think the information obtained from these techniques could not have been obtained through traditional interrogation methods used by military and law enforcement interrogators. On the other hand, I do know that coercive interrogations can lead detainees to provide false information in order to make the interrogation stop.

I am particularly fond of his use of Alberto Moro as a source of torture commentary as well.

Froomkin's torture link:

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