November 08, 2010

ACTIVISM: Crown Publishers writes to you re GWB Book

*A Brief Publisher's Message*

Dear Reader,

Tomorrow, November 9, 2010, we are officially releasing former president George W. Bush's new book, /Decision Points/, and we would

like to make the following request:

> Please do not take copies off the shelf, open them to a random

page, insert a quantity of spit, nasal discharge or chewing gum,

slam them shut and put them back on the shelf.

> Please do not draw horns on Mr. Bush's head---be they a ram's, a

goat's or Satan's. Please also no forked tails or thought-bubbles

that say "Heckuva Job."

> Please do not throw the book to the ground and stomp on it while

yelling, "You suck!"

> Please do not knock over the bookcase on which /Decision Points/

is displayed, as this could result in a domino effect on the other

bookcases and cause damage and/or injury to other customers.

> Please do not attempt to move copies of the book from the

Non-fiction section of the store to the Humor or Fantasy sections.

> Please do not whip out a Sharpie and add "Awesome book---if

properly shredded" to the list of testimonial blurbs on the back cover.

We know you're upset at how badly he screwed you over, but please:

let's be civil.

Thank you,

Your Friends at Crown Publishing

*P.S.* Democrats, this letter applies to you, too.

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