November 02, 2010

Matt Bostrom: Expect a landslide

And I quote from an Emmerish blogger, Shot in the Dark (i.e. right wing):

. . . Ramsey County Sheriff: Matt Bostrom will be the first endorsed DFLer I will have voted for since 1998. He may well be the last. Let’s make it count. (italics mine.)
Point: Matt Bostrom has won over every thinking person or person who knows his positions, personality, credentials, charisma, heartfulness and general brilliance, not just here in Ramsey County but all over the Metro area.

I went into the volunteer arena (after spending three days working for Mark Dayton at the Minnesota State Fair) convinced Matt COULD NOT WIN. I wanted to put in as much energy into his campaign as much as I possibly could.

Remember Sheriff DeFazio of Allegheny County, PA? The guy who aided and abetted the harassment of one of my heroes, Dr. Cyril Wecht?

Well, Bob Fletcher is just as sleazy in my book. Maybe more so, since SETTLEMENTS in civil rights cases against the Ramsey County Sheriff's office always have gag orders slapped on them. Thus, some wicked things are known only to a few handfuls of folks here.

I am not going to bring down my elation today. I am celebrating a new sheriff in town. I have come to the conclusion that perhaps this is a position that should not be on a political slate. Too easy for guyz with gunz to rip up lawn signs, put their own up illegally and evade The Truth. - and the law.

Good men like Matt fight an uphill battle as the position garners little media attention. Good thing Matt has a huge aura and a lot of die-hard friends and supporters.

"Evildoers beware, there's a new sheriff in town and you never know where he's going to show up next."
Us citizens are NOT getting the Time Shift sheriff at all. Nor the one in Blazing Saddles, although Matt is studily anti-racist. Nor is he Russell in Beverly Hills cop ... (links refer to the videos.)

Seriously - Matt may prove to be the best thing that EVER happened to Metro Minnesota. He's the best bet to manage a crisis - and there will be plenty in the years ahead such as brownouts, dissatisfied citizens, earth changes . . . the list is long. What we will get is management, service and leadership.

Be sure of one thing, we will be led by a man with capable hands, a heart and tremendous smarts.

This election landslide for Matt is a true win-win for all.

Gotta go - time to get my nails done in time for the victory party.

ps. It was not a landslide - as Randy said at the victory party:

It was an avalanche!!

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