November 06, 2010

FOX v. Richie: Round One

Stand up for the democratic process here in Minnesota and the "local" Fox news affiliate will send in the spanker(s) ... ( I mean, why save fireworks for the Fourth of July only ?)

Sec. of State Mark Ritchie Explains Vote Tally Error, Governor's Recount

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie talks with FOX 9's Heidi Collins about the Hennepin County election night error and a recount in the Minnesota governor's race.

Should your day be a bit overcast, I heartily recommend watching Richie's sublime performance and reading the ripe comments over at TPM found here.

Does this remind you of an interrogation ?

Who is sending her a pink slip?

I wouldn't mind seeing a "Dump the _itch at Fox" movement -


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