March 18, 2008

Vancouver quadra politics .. lessons for Canadians!!

Vancouver Quadra by-election: We almost became conservatives...

48 minutes ago by samanthaorwell
Ridiculous. I'm s ashamed of Vancouver Quadra. Voter Turnout: 28 121 out of 83 121. 33.9% voter turnout. What's the deal? You think it's the weather's fault? by-election politics vancouver vancouver quadra.

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Vancouver Quadra by-election: We almost became conservatives...
59 minutes ago by The Vancouver Manifesto
NDP 14.4% Green 13.5% Rhino 0.4% CAP 0.1% How did Liberals win by only 0.6%? Ridiculous. I'm s ashamed of Vancouver Quadra. Voter Turnout: 28 121 out of 83 121. 33.9% voter turnout. What's the deal? You think it's the weather's fault?

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Vancouver Quadra - StealthCon Gaining!!!!
2 hours ago by Gazetteer
Vancouver Quadra, Last updated: 00:22 ET. Party, Candidate, Votes, % Votes. NDP-New Democratic Party, Rebecca Coad, 3284, 15.1. CAP, Psamuel Frank, 29, 0.1. Green Party, Dan Grice, 3079, 14.1. Conservative, Deborah Meredith, 7224, 33.2 ...

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That was Interesting — Now Comes the Aftermath
2 hours ago by bas1809
Which brings me to Vancouver Quadra, still a battleground at the time of writing (there are still 64 of the 237 polls to report, and although the Liberal Joyce Murray has been ahead often the lead has see-sawed). ...

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Reaction to federal by-election results; yea for Harper, nay for Dion
43 minutes ago by John Murney
The win in Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River and the very close 2nd place finish in Vancouver Quadra is a huge victory for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In the same breath, these results are disastrous for Opposition Leader Stephane ...

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Wow. Close!
1 hour ago by WillBlog
Well, with 237 of 237 polls reporting, the Liberals did win Vancouver Quadra, but by a tiny, TINY Margin of 151 votes, or 0.6%. The Conservatives showed tremendous growth in this riding - and any hope of Liberal momentum was shattered ...

Noise from the Right -
No momentum for Liberals, and another Stephane Dion loss
2 hours ago by
Amazingly, another safe Liberal seat, Vancouver-Quadra, is a bit too close to call, though right now Liberal Joyce Murray is starting to pull away. With 170 of 237 polls reporting, she leads Conservative Deborah Meredith by less than ...

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The real by-election story: there is no (single) story
42 minutes ago by Idealistic Pragmatist
The Green vote stayed largely the same. Finally, we have Vancouver-Quadra, the surprise of the night. This is a wealthy urban/suburban riding, which until tonight counted as one of the safest Liberal seats in the country: ...

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Stephane Dion wins 3 out of 4 ridings, Greens make gains, NDP ...
3 hours ago by Matt Guerin
VANCOUVER QUADRA Greens up from 5% to 15%. This accounts for the decrease in the Liberal support. Liberal support wins the day with 37%, not bad for a new candidate. Tories go from 29% to 31% - not much of an increase, considering the ...
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day and other things1 hour ago by Beth
Happy byelection day, if you live in Vancouver Quadra or any of the other ridings holding byelections. I cast my vote early this morning, and as of the time of my writing this blog posting ( pm) Liberal candidate Joyce Murray is in the ...
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