March 14, 2008

U.S. Occupation of Iraq is Erasing Centuries of History

Beyond the fallacious reasoning that led to the Bush regime’s disastrous decision to preemptively invade Iraq, to me -- the reckless, irreverent way they’ve destroyed the country -- and allowed its very history to be lost and pillaged, should in itself be a war crime.It is, it is considered a crime against HUMANITY.

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WillyBill said...

Can you possibly imagine the outrage in this YOUNG country if some foreign powers destroyed the Lincoln Memorial, Monticello, the WH, Mount Vernon, the Washington Monument....or for that matter, just DEFACED them.

And here, we have gone and demolished thousands of years (not just a few hundred) of the memories and artifacts in the cradle of civilization with nary a whisper of protest.

WHERE is the outrage? The hell with outrage...where's an iota of COMPASSION...A SMIDGEN of sympathy?
NOWHERE! Again, I am asamed to be an American at this point in history. AND YOU should be, TOO