March 20, 2008

update: Kerch Strait oil spill

Too bad I have no regular readers! Cuz this is a followup of a story I covered.

Why did I cover it?

Becuz the Russians are just MORE and BIGGER earth polluters than many.

Look at this mess! Very very scary stuff. Money will NOT bring back those dead birds.

It rivals the mess made in Korea .. the one the NYT's doesn't bring up anymore that will take 12 YEARS minimum to fix ..

And do you REALLY think that Russia will play fair and protect marine life at Sakhalin-2 as pressure for oil and gas crank up? Probably not, unless people MAKE them.

Support your local environmentalist organizations on these issues.

Time is running short to keep any water clean, anywhere ..

Have no fear that they don't have the money to pay!! The Russian mob just ripped off $8 bn from SocGen and that's just one of the plots to keep that ole Treasury over in Moskva propped up. Just the "cost of doing business" ..

Hey! I give a monthly donation to Greenpeace? How about YOU? I am PROUD to do so, too. They don't just hunt whales, you know.


Ukraine to charge Russia $1bln for Kerch Strait oil spill

12:25 | 19/ 03/ 2008

SIMFEROPOL, March 19 (RIA Novosti) - Ukraine plans to charge Russian ship-owners over $1 billion in damages for a November fuel oil spill in the Kerch Strait, the press office of the Ukrainian government said on Wednesday.

A storm in the Kerch Strait, which joins the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, sank four ships and an oil tanker on November 11. The incident resulted in about 2,000 metric tons of fuel oil spilling into the sea.

Experts said petrochemical concentrations in the Kerch Strait following the storm were 50 times higher than maximum permissible levels. Some 50,000 birds have so far died as a result of the oil slick. The fuel penetrates birds' plumage causing hypothermia, and is ingested, usually with fatal results.

Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov claimed late in December that all traces of November's disaster in the Kerch Strait had been eliminated, but Greenpeace said the consequences of fuel spill in the Kerch Strait could take up to a decade to be eliminated.

The government of Ukraine's Black Sea autonomy of Crimea has allocated 2 million hryvna ($400,000) for disposal of spilled fuel collected in the Kerch Strait.

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