March 18, 2008

a rather "optimistic" view of chemtial, military activity

German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails As Military Operations

March 14, 2008 by: Rami Nagel

NaturalNews) A TV news report from Germany available at:

( confirmed that the
German Military is manipulating the climate in Germany. As a result
scientists have filed a lawsuit against the government for climate

The video concludes, "We can state with a 97% certainty that we
have on our hands chemical trails (chemtrails) comprised by fine
dust containing polymers and metals, used to disrupt radar signals."

The purpose of chemtrails, which are well documented over the United
State and other parts of the world, according to researchers, is
to manipulate the weather. Karsten Brandt, German meteorologist
states, "The Federal Army is Manipulating the Meteorological maps."

The disruption of radar signals is the main purpose theorizes Mr.
Brandt in the interview.

"I was surprised that this artificial cloud
was so wide-spread. The radar images are stunning considering the
needed tons of dispersed elements - although, the federal army
claims that only small amounts of material were propagated.

The military heads claim that the substances used are not harmful."

Johannes Remmel, German Green party representative states,

"The government must provide explanations to the unsuspecting population."
While radar is tracking suspicious aircraft, the Germany Military
then uses counterfeit satellite imagery to hide their operations.

In Germany, weather manipulation is prohibited, and I would likewise
believe that it is prohibited in the U.S. as well.

Since Chemtrails are so widespread, I would rule out the idea that
this is just military performing operations to disrupt radar signals
as part of some sort of drill.

The forefront of these operations in the United States appears to
be the US Navy, as detailed in "Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare," by Dr. Len Horowitz. Many government watchdogs claim global depopulation, the targeted reduction of the world's population by two-thirds, is secretly the reason behind chemtrail spraying.

An alternative theory to explain Chemtrails, would be that a new
weapon related to controlling the weather is being deployed. By
creating droughts and thus famines, large populations could be
easily controlled or eliminated. Other countries could be easily
controlled and brought to their knees by a global power if the
weather could be controlled or altered.

For a while I was confused between chemtrails, and contrails.

Contrails are the exhaust of an air craft, it leaves a trail in the
sky and the trail rapidly dissipates. With chemtrails, they initially
look identical to contrails, but rather than the trail dissipating,
the trail expands and then starts to look like a cloud. Over the
Silicon Valley where I live, I daily witness these chemtrails
starting and stopping from airplanes. In other words, the plane has
control over the chemicals it is releasing. Also, I have noticed
on some days the area is filled with a gray hazy muck, and the
mountains almost disappear. This is highly unusual especially when
just one day before, the mountains were totally clear.

Part of the undercurrents, at least in the United States, is the
concept being marketing through radio, television and schools, that
the earth is overpopulated. The idea of overpopulation, as the cause
of our problems, was something that I had believed in for a time.

I believed in that idea until I realized the abundance of nature.
Just seeing the amount of food produced by one healthy tree, and
the millions of acres of unused land in central California, helped
me understand Nature's abundance.

The creator did not put humans on earth to suffer, to starve and
to die. The creator of life gave us vast resources from which to
be healthy. Humans are grossly misusing earth's delicate resources,
and thus we have created an experience of lack and deprivation. The
lack we experience is not natural, but a reflection of our disconnection
from the source of life.

Every action, thought, and feeling has a cause and an effect. Evil
never will win, it cannot. But we all need to work together to bring
more awareness to the dreaded reality - that our government seems
bent on making this planet a military war zone.

I have faith that evil won't win this time.

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