March 26, 2008

<<:>> An open letter to Bernard Rubin <<:>>

Rubin: Racism is the Nightmare of History, not Just Bias (Cross-Posted on Daily Kos)

In January a diarist on Daily Kos, recounted the writer's conversation with her "racist" father, who said he would vote for Obama:

He would vote for Obama over Huckabee. He says he would really have to hold his nose to do it, but he would. I asked him "what's your big objection to Obama?" He said well, he thinks Obama would further a "black agenda" and I said "what's that?" He said, oh you know, more affordable housing, which black people would tear up and destroy, and more welfare. I sort of rolled my eyes and said "Dad...........Barack and Michelle Obama both have advanced degrees and are bigtime you really think they have a lot of sympathy for people that take advantage of the welfare system and tear up affordable housing?"

I said, in my view, Barack Obama would be to the kind of people he is talking about, sort of like a "Nixon goes to China" thing...........if anything, they would be totally against that sort of thing.

He said "sort of like Bill Cosby" I said yeah exactly.

I really really apologize to any African American Kossacks that are reading this. These are not MY views. It's my Dad - which I am afraid is still too much the views of a lot of older white people who vote in droves, still.

Another "Kossack," shanikka, a black woman attorney and former public official exactly the same age as Barack Obama, wrote to say:

and more at:

to which I say: GRRRRRR ..... !!!

ladybroadoak said...

@ anonymous. It is best for humans to go back living in your own tribe if you want to eliminate racism.

Aren't you so very enlightened?

I don't THINK so!!

There would be some way that people would totally avoid interracial sexuality if that were so, but they DO NOT. Your dna "concepts" are CONCEPTS, not racial "reality", based on ridiculous science rather than SPIRIT.

Humans have more in common than they have different. Our real problem is how to GROW UP and act like adults accepting responsibility for this planet and our children and their children for seven generations, no matter which tribe, race, sex, ethnic group.

The native Americans are about the only group in the US of A whose "ideology" lends itself to real civilization. And of course because they would not be ENSLAVED, they and their culture had to be wiped out.

Funny how the essay and the comments seem to leave that exquisite observation out. But hey! you want more wars! And to just keep The System going that grabs resources from indigenous peoples?

Why not take a real good at NDN attorneys who KNOW international law and would follow GENEVA, indeed the Supreme Law of the Land. With them there would have been no Iraq "conflict". And there would have been NO torturing going on either.

Are you annoyed the US and Canada did NOT sign the UN Declaration of the RIGHTS of indigenous peoples?

Are you willing to make it a reality, or just keep driving past reservations in gas-guzzling cars and pretend to not see the poverty? Do you have RESPECT for this country's aboriginal lawyers who fight for sovereinty for their people? For their highly accomplished, non house-slave wives?

Do you snigger when you see people wearing the "providing Homeland Security since 1492" teeshirts, thinking it is JOKE? How many indigenous veterans have you met? Do you know what they do in the Armed Forces?

Have a look around, look at how many EXCELLENT and ADMIRABLE native indigenous people there are in our society of "MURKA" and wonder - why is not one of THOSE people running for President or being installed Chief Justice of SCOTUS?

Do you think that they are all savage, intellectually inferior, "dirty", a bit "less than"? I assure you that they are not.

I have many wonderful ideas for those who are clueless as to who those folks might be who could EASILY, easily hold high office and gain respect for America around the world, releasing racial tensions from the atmosphere .. who understand HOW to spend socially, get the forces OUT of the ME, follow the rules of GENEVA, stop polluting the earth and allowing the feeding of chemicals into your bodies put their by Big Pharma and profitmaking Agribiz companies.

Would you FREAK OUT if you mistook an NDN as a employee at your supermarket?

And, since I am in a snarky mood after reading this .. the next time you have a chance, say "THANK YOU" to a native person of achievement and distinction for giving YOU a chance to have a great life. I assure you his / her relations were far kinder to you, than you are to him.

As a Heinz 57, I say to you - kindness wisdom, experience and honesty go far longer way toward building a just society than the ability to build a war chest to run for POTUS.

WE, we the PEOPLE, continue to discuss how to build a political party where things are BROUGHT TO THE TABLE.

I am the Seventh Generation, and I speak to you ALL.

March 26, 2008 3:59 AM

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