March 22, 2008

More evidence of Orwellian doubletalk from the BuZhistas

Bush’s inappropriate invasion of Iraq
Posted by: APR on Thursday, February 22, 2007 - 04:57 AM

Bush’s inappropriate invasion of Iraq

By Ahmed Amr

Get out your beltway dictionaries. It’s time to translate Feith-based intelligence from Pentagonese to plain English. A long delayed three year internal Pentagon review has determined that Douglas Feith orchestrated the deliberate and systematic corruption of pre-war intelligence. As a consequence, the Pentagon's inspector general has rendered the verdict that Feith’s conduct was ‘inappropriate’ but ‘authorized’ and ‘legal.’

An indignant Feith was quick to take exception to the Inspector’s finding. He defended his record of falsifying intelligence as ‘good government.’ The unrepentant Likudnik was quoted as saying "I disagree with the inspector general's opinions here mainly because, if heeded, they would discourage policy officials from asking tough questions about the quality of CIA work." Even in Pentagonese – that spells Chutzpah.

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