March 18, 2008

Kid's version of the BuZh administration


Once upon a time ..

A man decided to be IMPERIAL KING OF THE WORLD.

He had his brother cheat for him and stole an election.

Many objected and cried, mostly black people in Florida, but it had worked.

The King brought in many greedy counsellors and advisors and a special kind of evil wizard with him and they began to put in place a system to their liking - it wanted to reward greed, deception, dastardly deeds and put down anyone who could not afford to eat at their expensive dinners. They all made sure that SERVANTS served them their dinner - and insisted that the servabts actually pay the costs of their meals.

People might have noticed, only they were too busy.

They were sure how to feel once their government got highjacked either.

Becauses the IMPERIAL KING'S advisers were none to good at getting along with other countries, a Big Bad Prince took some servant's money and planned an attack on the citadel of business for the servants, a grand sweeping gesture because this Princeling was angry nobody let his dad rebuild a city in his country and so his greed had not be satiated!!

Of course the IMPERIAL KING and his court knew this was going to happen, but they could see how it was just too good for their own plans and allowed it to happen.

On the day of the attack, The IMPERIAL KING read a children's book upside down while the attacks were going on.

Later the IMPERIAL KING attempted to appear FURIOUS and OUTRAGED and he attacked the Big Bad Prince and called him a terrorists and vowed he would go out and avenge this terrible attack. Many servants and functionaries and applauded this audacity! They were pleased as they were obsessed with REVENGE.

Soon, everyone in the entire world knew that they were either for the IMPERIAL KING or against him - and they lined up their ammunitions to go after the Big Bad Prince. Much was made of getting the servant's children all lined up in uniforms to go and seek justice. Lots of new companies were formed and the old ones glistened in their joy that they too would now be allowed to eat five star dinners with the servants paying for them.

Sometimes they took their newly printed money and bought nice things for their wives and children - it they didn't have quite enough money they used something called PLASTIC and bought alot of stuff anyway. This was good for the King's advisers and court and they encouraged it - afterall, it had been done before.

The IMPERIAL KING felt mighty important and he signed lots of documents attesting to the fact he own his kingdom and the rest of the world - and he was very careful that any communications about what he and his court did would mysteriously disappear. Such news would surely spoil the five-star dinners.

A war was a great thing - and one was started in a country different than the one the Big Bad Prince came from, but that country was much smaller and had been ruled by someone that the IMPERIAL KING and his father and the court already knew that they could easily subdue. It had a lot of riches and the IMPERIAL KING and the court wanted them all to their lonesomes. So they made up some nice little stories and about saving this country and went on the attack - and WOW! what an attack it was! The servants and sevants in of the country were so happy, too! It was to be an easy victory and those who began to question the whole thing were portrayed as being either for the IMPERIAL KING or against him. They could not attend the five star dinners ever again.

The IMPERIAL KING had the servants pay for the war, and continued eating. Before long the war was costing the servants $12 per month .. but no matter!! The IMPERIAL KING had promised he would show them POISONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION that he was saving them all from.

But they weren't there in the other kingdom and the man who attacked the big building was not there either. In fact, the Big Bad Prince was a useful concept to the IMPERIAL KING and he was allowed to go wherever he wanted that the IMPERIAL KING's army did not wish to go, a place called China.

The IMPERIAL KING had a vast cabinet of poisons, but a spell was put on the KIngdom and no one noticed that. Everyone else's cabinets were to be property of the IMPERIAL KING and he would be free to inspect them at will.

Meanwhile by a freak of nature, or maybe Mother Earth was doing her thang, or ..
A major city in the United States suffered a Mighty Hurricane.

Since the IMPERIAL KING was already paying of his cronies, he thought rather than take responsibility for rescuing people, he could have his buddies make Big Profit$ in the aftermath - and they did, too. The IMPERIAL KING had only that portion of the city restored where they serve five star dinners. They liked to go to that city and party and did. Some servants in that city were given trailers full of poison to live as their homes were wiped out. And they are still living in them today.

The IMPERIAL KING was very happy when he found out his wizard sidekick could blackmail and corrupt. So he had the servant's rights away one by one. He kept up his give-aways to ALL his associates.

They plotted how to gut all the money for themselves and planned "holiday" homes in nice places. In fact, they were so grandiose off the good eatings and drink at the five-star dinner that they started to build a Grand Fort in that attacked country; one that rivalled the Vatican City, which really was once just as corrupt (although they sometimes when they got too hammered took junkets to FRANCE once in a while .. ) The cost of building the Great Fort were so high, that water, protective armor, and all other considerations for the servant's well being were either neglected or just .. you know .. forgotten in the hubbub of the Greedy Party going on.

The Treasury of the King began to deflect, even when you OWN THE WORLD, you have to have money coming in. So the IMPERIAL KING let the Kingdom's money just collapse. Anyone who had loaned him money would just have to accept that the IMPERIAL KING had never had any notion of paying him back for all those lovely weapons he liked to buy.

He was now Very Good Friends with the Lords and Princes of other lands who liked weapons and killing peoople and five-star dinners, too.

They had a Real Good Plan cooked up for things as the party was to wind down.

The Real Good Plan was called martial law!

The selected one woman who was greedy and pushy and a man who had gotten many medals in another previous war to get up and become candidates to wear the crown. The servants would debate which one was better. The Very Good Friends of the IMPERIAL KING put up their own candidate to muddy the water, which made the debate that much more interesting to the servants who just kept paying for the five-star dinners.

Now the servants don't have money to retire, the food bins for them and their loved ones are bare, but the five-star dinners are still being served. At night the servants turn on their magic boxes at home and watch the circuses and listen to the debates.

All seem very very happy for now.

A few of the King's advisers are beginning to realize that in their greed they have been taken for a ride by IMPERIAL KING and are growing very annoyed, but their lawyers keep them all on tight leashes and no one has been killed ... YET.

When things get a bit tense, the IMPERIAL KING or one of his advisers comes in and reminds them of the destruction of the great civic building being toppled and reminds them all they should be afraid. The real reasons for the toppling of that skyscraper are as yet unknown. The servants sigh and accept this.

But the cost of their meager suppers is climbing, their friends are moving into their cars, families are being broken up ever faster, many drugs are being given away to keep the servants subdued and their first born sons are either in prison or in the military helping the IMPERIAL KING own the world. Many become brain washed. some have their brains gutted. Torture is just a routine part of every day now in the Kingdom for everyone, not just the black ones.

The IMPERIAL KING has put in a legal adviser who is loyal to that other country and he does nothing to get corrupt five star dinner people behind bars who committed war crimes. The servants have largely forgotten what war crimes are . they would rather look at Britney Spear's rear end and debate the price that powerful men pay for hookers.

The IMPERIAL KING and his WIZARD are real happy all this happens. After all, those court officals under them who pay hookers walk around HAPPY and free - free to cast their votes with IMPERIAL KING when the times come along that it is crucial. It keeps paying for the five-star dinners, eh??

Soon there will be no kingdom left, eh? But the IMPERIAL KING doesn't care and he thinks you should not either.

You will be given new money, a new identity and an attitude that you did not know what was going on. You will be very busy burying the bodies of those you love who are to be struck with pestulence and pandemics. The doctors, nurses and "census takers" will be everywhere in your face if you are a servant. The medical professionals have been carefully chosen to not identify with the servants.

How does it feel to the servants who are watching this happening in a country where the majority of the people are too complacent ot even lift a telephone and complain?

They still have their eyes glued to the Magic Box. They plan to keep their eyes glued until the time comes in eight or nine months when everything is totally guttted.

Things in the IMPERIAL KING's empire will probably be ruled by a man in a skirt, but we shall see. Meanwhile, the WIZARD's boys keep building those prisons for those who might tell the truth and for those who are too unfit to serve in wars.

When all is said and one, most of the IMPERIAL KING's servants won't bat an eyelash until it is a done deal.

The end .. or is it??

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