March 22, 2008

It is kind of a throwaway, but then again it is not.

Probably lots of building plans float around Ottawa. Someone can easily get ahold of them, including detailed for electrics, plumbing - just a huge waft of stuff.

But finding all these building details, headlined "sensitive" is not the point.

The point is WHY IS STOCKWELL DAY handling this? Why is this not under the Minister of Defense's "brief". Why did he NOT comment.

People on all sides smell a rat. The man who found them actually works for Alexa McDonnaugh, former head of the NDP.

Was this all set up to deflect attention from other more important issues?

Well, with the Harper government and the current tone in Canadian politics we will never know. Nor will we ever know what was in those OTHER garbage bags?

Why are the plans for a SECRET prison being "leaked" via the government media?

Why is The Harper allowed to get away with breaching the trust of the Canadian people yet always thrusting accusations to the Liberals and EVERYONE BLOODY ELSE except his "buddies" who are few and far between ??

Will there ever be accountability? Will the buck/looney ever stop somewhere?

Oh, as always . the ENDLESS questions.

Never knowing .. always wondering .. another day in the strange land of Canada and Canuck principles ..


Sensitive military blueprints found in Ottawa trash can

Q2x00065_9Sensitive plans for a building that's supposed to house Canada's counter-terrorism team were found in a trash can earlier this month in downtown Ottawa.

The Toronto Star
reports that these 26 Department of National Defense blueprints "show everything from the location of the security fence at CFB Trenton to the floor plan of the new home for the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit," an elite group that would respond to terrorist attacks or WMD-related incidents.

"The plans also show the electrical grid scheme for the unit's computers and details about sewer systems, areas for workshops, sea container loading docks, and offices for the unit's various troops," The Ottawa Citizen reports. "There is also a blueprint for the storage bay for the unit's robots, which are designed to detect chemical and biological agents."

Stockwell Day, the public safety minister, tells reporters that the discovery of these documents is a "huge concern to me."

The Globe and Mail says a military analyst found the schematics March 14. They were in a green garbage bag on a sidewalk in the capital. Rideau Institute analyst Anthony Salloum told the paper "he didn't take all the documents stamped with Department of National Defence markings at the Ottawa trash pile, saying he left six to eight other rolls of papers at the curbside."

(File photo taken Feb. 15 by Tom Hanson, The Canadian Press via AP.

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